The Triangle Factory Fire Made by:Emilie Salinas

In court

Chief Crocker was testified in court like he said " The building is unsanitary and unsafe". The building was unsanitary because the rooms were small and everybody's were squished.

About Chief crocker

Chief Crocker full name is Edward Crocker. Edward Crocker served his department for 27 years. He own 3 companies that talk about safety precautions. Also chief Crocker wrote a book about fire prevention.

Chief Crocker improved the world

Chief Crocker made laws to make buildings safe. After he retired he create companies that talked about Fire safety. He made 3 companies that talked about safety percausetion his companies was called Croker Fire Drills Corporation.

Chief crocker improved th world

Chief Crocker improved the world because now the buildings are safe because of Chief Crocker laws . One of his laws was to put sprinklers in the buildings. Now the buildings have sprinklers and fire extinguisher to make the buildings more safer.

It is a good thing

It is a good things that Chief Crocker made laws for buildings because he makes buildings more safe. Also there will be no problem with the buildings.

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