Star Board - Term Two Week Five St Matthew's Collegiate School Weekly News

Principal's Message

Kia Ora Koutou

At Assembly this Wednesday I said the following: ‘COMPASSION, TEND. This is our focus Value, and our focus Mission this week. What I am going to say I hope ties back to these two things.

Compassion for me in a nutshell is kindness. Tend in another nutshell is doing for others, service for and to others.

Mr Sherman-Ball is unwell at the moment, not yet fully recovered from the start of the term so we are working towards tending to the needs of those classes taught by him as we speak, and showing compassion as he mends.

Yesterday Year 10 Music put on a great concert and in doing so you tended our souls and lifted our spirits. And by gum you are a talented bunch. I like how you supported each other and it was heartening to see how your audience supported your performances- so keep up the good work.

In Lockdown what stood out was the community support. We rallied together and because we shared a common goal we as a community made it work, we as a country made it work.

We railed against anyone who was not on the team and doing their bit... because together we were and are stronger. That is us – at St Matt’s there is no doubt that as a collective we are a strength

We also found that Kindness was a massive tonic. Kindness is a tonic everyday. You may not be as smart as the girl next to you. You may not be as great a singer as the girl behind you. You may not have a pair of doc martins in the wardrobe like your friend. But you all have the capacity to be kind equally, and you have the capacity to lend a hand equally. Each and everyone in this room has value and worth so let’s be those people.’


Sport is compulsory in our school. We want everyone to be a part of a team- a summer code, a winter code, or both. Commitment means that all students are expected to show up for practices and games, and to be fair the majority do just that. But showing up is only part of the deal. School rules and values transcend every part of the school involvement.

I wrote above that during Lockdown “ we railed against anyone who was not on the team and doing their bit... because together we were and are stronger.” Some of our students need a reminder about being part of the team and respect for those who give their time to coach and manage their teams because without those people we cannot field those teams. What does this mean? Show up for games and practices, be in correct uniform, listen to your coach and manager, behave appropriately, do not answer back, and be a part of the team- all the things that are expected of them in every part of the school day. Failure to comply will result in being benched, being removed from the team, or a loss of privilege.

That being said sport is about a release of energy, physical fitness, and being together to achieve an end. I watch a lot of sport and when the students here play together they have fun together. This lunchtime I watched the 7s and 8s using the Ki O Rahi field to play a game and just like the origins of the game although there were victors and defeated it was about achieving a peaceful togetherness. The trinity is all about that; we are better together.

Ngā Mihi


Year 10 Music

Congratulations to the Year 10 Music class who delighted us with a lunchtime concert on Tuesday. The group of Mya Anderson, Charlotte Beetham, Ruby Matthews and Lily Gillies also performed for us in Assembly.

Football and Hockey

Our First XI Football and Hockey had strong wins against Wairarapa College this week. Our Netball Senior A open their season this weekend now that grading is complete. Good luck to all our girls playing sport over the weekend.

The First XI Football team receive instructions at half time.

School Notices

Whanganui Collegiate Fixture

This takes place on Tuesday at St Matthew's. Click on the link below to view the porgramme for the day...

Health Year 7-10:

As part of our Junior health puberty unit, Mrs Harper and Mrs Schaefer explore the various options avaliable to girls for managing their menstrual cycle. As we know everyone is different, and girls are taught about all options so they can make informed decisions about what suits them, their lifestyle and their beliefs.

Part of a growing trend in young girls has seen the rise and development of period proof underwear. The teachers have been able to get a 15% discount with the company AWWA The Label. They are a NZ company who sell period proof underwear and swimwear. We have samples that the girls are able to see in class to find out what the underwear and togs are all about and how they work.

To use the 15% discount:

Once at the checkout enter: STMATTHEWS

Follow the link below to find out more about this sustainable option.


Term Two is an important time for our reporting cycle. Teachers from now until Week 7 are gathering information to put into the system. In Week 9, all girls will be interviewed by their Whanau Teacher/s. This is an academic and pastoral interview for Whanau Teachers to check in with their girls, and help them set goals for the rest of the year. The girls will spend all day with their Whanau class, and have work from classes they would've had that day. The date for Whanau interviews is Friday 2 July.

At the beginning of Term Three, parents will have the chance to meet with subject teachers again to discuss their daughter's progress. Details for these interviews will be published closer to the time.

Coming Up on the Calendar......

Term Two - Week Six

Monday 7 June - School Closed

Tuesday 8 June - Whanganui Collegiate Fixture (Home), Senior Chapel, Junior Choir

Wednesday 9 June - Prefects Assembly, Big Sing Wellington (Viva), Orchestra, Culture Group Rehearsals, Youth Group

Thursday 10 June - Junior Chapel, House Spelling Bee (Thursday afternoon), Friends of SMS Meeting

Friday 11 June - Jazz Band, Whanau Time

Term Two - Week Seven

Monday 14 June - Languages Week, Whanau Time, Junior Production Rehearsal, Viva Rehearsal

Tuesday 15 June - Cooper House Chapel

Wednesday 16 June - Languages Assembly, Wairarapa Primary Cross-Country, Year 13 Agribusiness Trip, Orchestra, Culture Group Rehearsal, Youth Group

Thursday 17 June - Junior Chapel, Big Sing Palmerston North, Year 12 Agribusiness Trip

Friday 18 June - Pride Week Mufti Day, School Singing Practice, Year 9 Trip to Zealandia, Jazz Band, Whanau Time

Community Events