Welcome to the Virtual Bemis Kindergarten Roundup

Step 1: Please play the video button below so that you can meet our staff. We are so sorry that we can't meet in person. We are planning on hosting a special event in August to help you and your children transition to Kindergarten. We hope you find the information located in this Starbear Spark helpful. We communicate the Starbear Spark on Fridays to our community.

This is simply a short introduction meeting. We understand that you may have questions that we simply can't answer right now. We are planning on sending information to you as we learn more throughout the summer.

Step 2: Our goal is for you to meet us through this 20 minute video and to provide you with information via a PowerPoint presentation that you can go through on your own time with your child when it is convenient for you. You will also be able to view a video about our program and see some current Kinder Kiddos share their stories with your future Bemis Solar Bears. We have included an important information section and summer activities you can do with your child to help prepare them for school. The Star Bear Spark button will conclude this web page with a celebration about our school on earning a prestigious award.

Step 3: Push the Video button below.

Step 4: Now that you have had the opportunity to meet our awesome Kindergarten staff...we would invite you to go and explore all of the buttons below with your child to learn about out Kindergarten program.

Please click the button below to view the PowerPoint. As you navigate the PowerPoint please expect that each page may take a second to load...

Please click the video link button below to view a video about our Kindergarten program...enjoy!

Kinder Kiddos have put together some of their own thoughts about why they love Kindergarten...click the button and enjoy!

Please click the Important Information button below...

Please click the button below for activities you can do with your child to help prepare them this summer for Kindergarten. You may have to wait a second for it to load. Once it loads you may have to download the PDF in order to print. Enjoy!

Click the button below to learn about the story behind our mascot the Solar Bear...

Please click the Star Bear Spark Link button to read about a prestigious award our school earned this spring...

Please click the button below to learn Information/data about the importance of pre-school and the data that shows how children with pre-school experience perform compared to those children who don't.

Kindergarten is such an awesome time in the life of a child...

We are so EXCITED to meet all of you and look forward to a date in the future when we can welcome you all in to get comfortable with our school. Thank you for your participation tonight. We wish you the best as we all learn together on how to navigate through these unprecedented times.


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