Holiday Traditions In Australia My story of what I learened

Holiday History

In Australia Christmas celebrations start by having schools and churches present the Nativity plays which goes throughout December

Nativity plays

Four Holiday Traditions

The father sets out a big candle by the window and the youngest member of the family lights it

After opening presents on Christmas they eat ham and eggs

Midnight mass then after that many festive parties

Eat a rich plum pudding doused in brandy and set aflame before brought to the table. The person who gets the flavor will get good luck for the rest of the year

Types of Decorations


Palm Leaves


Colorful Christmas bush

Christmas tree outside

Five special foods that are eaten and what they represent

Plum Pudding- The heart of dessert

Ham & Eggs- Family time

Pavlova- The kindness in everyone hearts

Billy Can Pudding- Saved for Santa

Assorted Cold Meals- The protein and health

Three Interesting Information

The father laves a big candle by window and the youngest member of family lights it

They leave tips for grocer, postman, newspaper carrier and other that helped them throughout the past year

In china Christmas is called "Sheng Dah Jieh"

Different and Similar Holiday Tranditions

Similar- Christmas tree

Similar- Christmas feast

Similar- Midnight mass

Austalia- Boxing day

Australia- Does not carol

Australia- Lets Mary, Joseph, Baby Jesus into their lives with a candle

Australia Might find Weird is ...

We sing for Jesus

Why They Might Think it is Weird

They do not carol in australia

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