The Dress Code Debacle

In every school, there is a dress code. Sometimes in private schools, clothing choices are not the student's decision. The uniform below is clearly very strict. Children who experience these harsh dress code guidelines may form an inability to express themselves.

For example, both of the girls have their own personalities. By allowing children to wear what they want, administrations could embrace the differences that children have.

If administrations kept a dress code, but allowed the students to choose what they would like to wear, students would be happier while being formal.

A solution to this problem would be that school administrations enforce a dress code policy that allows the students to shop from certain stores of the administrations choosing to ensure the students' individuality is kept while still promoting some type of dress code.

If administrations were to enforce this type of dress code, these could be some of the stores that could be put on the list to shop from.

If administrations allow this dress code, these could be some of the things that students would wear. As pictured, the students express themselves how they would like to while staying within the guidelines of the stores.


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