Joseph Tedesco Introduction

This Picture of the mountains describes who I am as a person perfectly! Rough on the outside with many tree lines but smooth like the fresh powder on the ground! I Absolutely love the outdoors! Nothing compares to the breath taking Rocky mountains. I grew up in Colorado and I have lived here my whole life. I love to ski and hike in the summer! When I am not working as a full time electrician, my time mainly consists of spending my time with family and Friends.


This is my second year at front Range! I am looking forward to this class because I am very enthused by economics! The way people make decisions and how they make those decisions with different variables interests me! I am also interested with how supply and demand play a roll in many of these decisions that many consumers make every day. The only concern I have is getting down all of the terminology to be able to understand all the material and information about Microeconomics!


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