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The Vikings were the most civilized civilization because they were an aggressive group of men who were able to fend for themselves and they were able to improve the quality of life for the everyday person living in Europe.


The Vikings were an aggressive and fierce Scandinavian population mostly known for their ruthlessness, raiding, and for spreading their civilization vastly across Europe and partly Asia. They had settlements stretching all the way from the eastern Atlantic Ocean to Russia. The Vikings were a stabilizing force which improved the quality of life for the everyday person trying to survive in Europe following the fall of Rome because there were many different job opportunities within the Vikings civilization that anyone in the world was able to perform.

Religion, Art (Primary Source)

The Vikings would travel by boat to the place they wanted to attack. The boat was strategically structured to help the Vikings raid quickly and effectively. The Vikings were a very smart civilization in their different strategies and weapons for battle. Their main targets for attacks were Christian churches because they were pagans and hated all Christians. They would convince people to follow the pagan belief, which helped form unity throughout Europe. They helped the everyday person in Europe by creating jobs if the person was willing to join the Vikings and convert to pagan.


When the Vikings would raid another civilization, they would bring many weapons to aid in the scaring of the citizens. They took money, food, and other necessities when raiding to help them survive. Many times citizens would neglect the Vikings and try to fight back, forcing the Vikings to have to hurt them. Many people believe that the Vikings would raid for fun, but they actually did it only when they were in need of supplies. They would do their best to convince the people of Europe that they were raiding to join them as Vikings, but many people chose not to cooperate. If a person did not cooperate, the Vikings would do whatever they had to do to defend themselves.


The Vikings took their first and only loss was at Linisfarne in Northumbria in 793 because of a surprise attack by the citizens. The people of the civilization seemed to be prepared for an attack, and the Vikings took a "high-risk, "high-reward" act in raiding this place. The civilization was loaded with money and items that could last the Vikings a long time. The Vikings did not have much of a political system, but instead they would just fight in groups of people which eventually turned to armies. These armies helped provide for the women, children, and for the Vikings themselves when they would go into town and raid for food. Anyone can join the Vikings, so all a person had to do was tell another Viking that they are willing to fight.

The Vikings didn't document many of their raids because they felt it was unnecessary. Although, from the ones that they did document, one can see that they were very strategic and aggressive when needed. The kings or aristocrats of the Vikings' civilization rode on horses into battle. Kings planned out attack strategies, and there was always a group of men who stayed back at the ship to help get away as fast as possible. The Vikings had a large respect for women, so they didn't let them fight in battle. (primary source)


The Viking's economy was based on fending for yourself and working for everything you got. This would help the everyday person in Europe because there was always competition for goods in the Viking civilization, and no one was just given anything. Even the people of higher class had to fight to provide for themselves.


To end, this would be the typical appearance for a middle class viking. They grew out their beards and hair and can almost always be seen with a sword or other weapon for self defense. The way to move up in the Vikings social class was to work hard and raid for goods with high value. This would help the everyday person in Europe because in some civilizations, if you were born into a low class, there sometimes wasn't a chance to get out, but the Vikings did not care what you were born into. Anyone, no matter where you come from, can become prosperous in the Viking civilization.

Other Sources: Article and textbook, Primary Sources:

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