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Film and the study of film is a passion of mine. I love editing a story whether it be a short story or a story (lesson) for a class. People gravitate to video because it engages all of their senses, it entertains and it can be watched over and over. Film is my chosen platform to tell stories I love. Enjoy!

I look forward to learning what everyone is doing and seeing everyone's highs and their trouble spots. I hope you enjoy what I create too. Feel free to follow me at @Mr_Webb7 and check back to see my work through the course...

Week 1

I am actually color blind to an extent, I see colors in my own way and can identify colors as I see them, in many ways I feel my ability to see colors has been a huge asset in editing video and photos. This example was a lot of fun because I truly believe colors help tell a story as much as the acting and the audio. I always try to find ways to utilize color to enhance a story and create an emotion.

When it comes to Premiere Pro, this software and I go way back. I used Premiere on a machine 15 years ago for my classes and to render out a 30 second video, it would take close to 12 hours. The technology and software now is amazing and Premiere Pro has always been my go to for anything I do video related.

For this project, I used a song I created to drive the clips that I got from (great site) and added a little motion to the stills themselves. I am sure you will figure out the color very quickly, I hope you enjoy.

Week 2

In this montage I utilized footage I had on my GoPro from my drone and swimming with the family. Motion was all around along with expressions and beautiful colors. I enjoy the idea of creating an intensifying edit with videos but for this video, as I got into it, I felt it need to tell its own story. I edited the created the music for this one utilizing again. Enjoy!

Week 3

Film Riot does a great job quickly explaining the 180 degree rule in this video:

This one is a little longer but it has a funny example and how to set a scene.


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