Hills Adventist College Newsletter - 7 September 2018

Counsellor's Corner

5 Strategies for Managing your Child’s Screen Time

There is growing evidence that indicates that screen time (watching television, using an iPad or a smart phone etc.), is linked to obesity, low academic performance, and mental health issues in children (Jago et.al., 2016). For parents, being mindful of the amount of screen-time your child has each day and setting boundaries around its use can have a significant impact on the amount of screen time your child engages in (Bounova, Michalopoulou, Agelousis, Kourtessis, & Gourgoulis, 2018).

Based on a study by Jago et.al (2016), the following strategies can be helpful in establishing healthy boundaries around screen time:

1. Enforce clear and consistent every day time limits for screen time. The recommended amount of screen time per day for children is around 1 hour.

2. Collaborate with your child when making the rules around screen time

3. Encourage your child to monitor their own viewing time

4. Be consistent between both parents/caregivers when monitoring and giving appropriate discipline

5. Develop your child’s awareness around screen-time and why rules and limitations are required.

Another significant factor in managing child and adolescent screen time is parental modelling. As a Mum or Dad, the choices you make around your own screen time, greatly impact the choices and habits of your child. Screen time, like many activities, requires boundaries. It is up to parents to ensure that their children receive the benefits of technology.


Bounova, A., Michalopoulou, M., Agelousis, N., Kourtessis, T., & Gourgoulis, V. (2018). The parental role in adolescent screen related sedentary behavior.International Journal of Adolescent Medicine and Health, 30(2), 197-206. doi:http://dx.doi.org/10.1515/ijamh-2016-0031

Jago, R., Zahra, J., Edwards, M. J., Kesten, J. M., Solomon-Moore, E., Thompson, J. L., & Sebire, S. J. (2016). Managing the screen-viewing behaviours of children aged 5-6 years: A qualitative analysis of parental strategies. BMJ Open, 6(3) doi:http://dx.doi.org/10.1136/bmjopen-2015-010355

College Announcements and News

Uniform Shop Price Changes

Please note as from 1st September, Alinta Apparel has updated their price list. Please click on the link below for more information

Canteen Volunteers Needed - Kellyville & Castle Hill

Our school canteen needs you! If you are available to help out in the Kellyville canteen on a Wednesday or Thursday, please contact Miriam on 0423 818 330.

The time she would need you would be from 10.20 till 1.30pm.

Lauren at Castle Hill canteen would greatly appreciate more volunteers as well. Please speak to her if you are willing to help. This is a great opportunity to serve our College community. Thank you in advance - Home & School Association

Junior School & Early Learning Centre Art Exhibition

We appreciate all the entries in our Junior School Art Exhibition this year. There are so many budding artists in our College Community. Awards for first place were presented at Chapel at Castle Hill this week. These awards were "blind-judged", which means the judges were not aware of the identity of the artist while they were making their decisions. Thank you to all for getting involved and sharing their talents with us!

Junior School & ELC Art Exhibition Awards Presentation

Think Tank

Hills Adventist College (Years 1-6) participates in a program called 'Think Tank.' This program is an extension and enrichment program and is run by schools within the Hills District. On Wednesday September, students from Year 5 & 6 went Rouse Hill Anglican School for a musical workshop, Year 3 & 4 went to the Australian International Academy and Year 1 & 2 had a coding workshop that was held on our Junior campus and was run by Mrs Williams & Mrs Weslake.

Students were very engaged throughout the whole day. They completed a variety of activities which included coding with M&Ms, creating your own morse code with lego, coding with beebots and finally coding with scratch junior. The day was a huge success and we are looking forward to our Term 4 workshops.

News from Kindergarten A - Castle Hill Campus

As part of our history unit, ‘This is Me!’, students in Mrs Rudenko's class brought in something special from the past that has been kept by their family for a particular reason. Some of the items shown were a hammer, an old record, coins, a cassette, gas lantern, and a decorated fan. Students enjoyed sharing why these items have been kept and why they are special.

Digital Thumbprint

On the 12th and 19th of September year 7-10 will be receiving a visit from Digital Thumbprint. This is a program that teaches students how to have a positive online presence through fun and interactive workshops. Each homeroom group will have an opportunity over the two days to attend a seminar.

The year 7 and 8 program focuses on staying safe online and understanding good password protection and personal information and security. For a short clip about the program see below

Year 9 and 10 will focus on having a positive online identity and what to do if something goes wrong. Further information can be found below

Creative Collective

On Thursday, August 30 we had our second annual Creative Collective event. This event celebrates the creativity and innovation of the students at Hills Adventist College. It was a fantastic night filled with displays of student work, performances and delicious food. This year the event joined together the work of both the Kellyville and Castle Hill campuses and created a great sense of community.

The night included inspiring music performances by the Middle and Senior School students. We were blessed to have the Year 8 and Year 10 students and the Year 3-6 choir perform under the direction of Miss Thomas, the Primo Orchestra conducted by Mrs Thomson and the Year 5 band conducted by Miss Hulewicz.

The Year 9 and 10 Drama classes joined together to perform ‘The Most Excellent and Lamentable Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet’. Mrs Dye and Ms Tully did a fantastic job directing the play and the students performed their Shakespearian lines with confidence.

The delicious food was provided by Miss Baxter’s Year 10 Food Technology class. They spent weeks developing a ‘food truck’ inspired menu with all their profits going towards charity. The food was obviously enjoyed by everyone as all five stalls sold out by the end of the night.

Mr Kent displayed the Middle School STEM projects and the work of the Design and Technology students. Attendees were able to try handmade board games and view electric vehicles designed with collision avoidance technology. The Year 6 class also displayed their green houses and garden beds.

Mr Taskis displayed the LED creations of the Maker Club and the robotic and 3D printed projects by the IST classes. Many people were captivated by the 3D printing pens and tried their hand at drawing a three-dimensional object.

Mr Taskis’ HSC Design and Technology students and Miss Menzies HSC Visual Arts students had their major works displayed in the HSC Gallery. The Design and Technology students displayed their innovative ideas and the Visual Arts students showed their beautiful photography and painting works.

Mrs Martin’s Textiles classes showed their textile art and boxer short creations. You would have also have seen the garments of last year’s HSC Textiles students, one of which was awarded ‘Top-of-State’ and another that was displayed at ‘Texstyle’.

Miss Menzies displayed the work of the Junior, Middle and Senior School Visual Arts students and the annual Art Competition. This year’s Art Competition had over 90 entries, the most we have ever had! Congratulations to all students who entered the competition.

We are very proud of all our students and their achievements. Thank you to everyone that came out and helped us to celebrate the creativity and innovation of the students at Hills Adventist College.

We will see you again next year!

Year 11 First Aid Training

In Mr Ward's Year 11 PDHPE class, students study the unit First Aid, which looks at the skills needed to save an individual’s life. To enhance the students learning the current year 11 class completed their First Aid training with Bill Baltzois from First Aid Everyday. It was great to see students practicing their CPR, learning about the importance of DRSABCD and how to manage injuries and medical conditions. The College would like thank Bill for his expertise and knowledge he shared with the students.

Duke of Edinburgh Camp

On 22-24 August, a group of Year 9 students completed their assessment camp for the Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award in the Blue Mountains National Park. Contrary to what had been predicted, we were blessed with clear skies and warm weather throughout the camp.

Students began the camp with a steep 600 m descent into the Grose Valley near Mount Victoria. They then hiked along the river at the bottom for the next three days before climbing the 600 m out of the valley through the Grand Canyon.

Along the way, the students enjoyed visiting many beautiful sites including multiple waterfalls, towering cliffs, Blue Gum Forest and lush temperate rainforest in the Grand Canyon.

While students were tired by the end of the camp, an adventurous time was had by all and along with the the leadership and teamwork skills they developed we trust this trip has increased their love of nature and the outdoors.

Year 11 & 12 Physics Excursion

On Wednesday, 28 August, the Year 11 and 12 Physics students had the opportunity to visit the TransGrid Sydney West Substation as part of their studies on Electricity and Magnetism. Students were able to visit the control room and see how the electrical grid is monitored throughout NSW. They were also able to go into the substation and see how electricity is transformed and distributed throughout the Sydney area.

Mathematics Challenge for Young Australians – Mathematics Trust – Newton Enrichment Program

Student thoughts on the program run by our Mathematics Department:

“I have absolutely loved the program and I am grateful that I have been challenge with Mathematics which required me to think outside the box. I have learnt so many strategies to work problems out that I have not seen before. Learning how to multiply numbers without using the process learnt in my usual class was one of the highlights” stated Timothy J

“I’ve enjoyed the program because I’ve got the chance to learn things that we wouldn’t learnt in our normal Mathematics class. The methods learnt made it easier to solve complicated questions. Also, Mathematics Trust wasn’t just numbers and equations, we got to learn the history of Mathematics. I love that we got to work on problems that I wouldn’t even dream to do it. When I’ve solved it made me happy” said Kaylee B

‘I thought it was great to get extension work and learn rules to work out mathematics quickly” said Brendan H

“I have really enjoyed the program, because even though it pushed me and really challenged me at times, I have grown a lot in my Mathematics skills along the way and learnt cool tricks. Most of the problems were very different from the normal class, sometimes I had to think a lot to find the answer. The program help me to look at those questions from a different angle” said Lucy H.

“I’ve enjoyed the program because it taught me new things didn’t know about and gave me the chance to challenge myself and think outside the box. It also made me think for myself and taught me new strategies to use in the further Mathematics classes” said Max D.

“I have really enjoyed the program as I’ve learnt so many things about Fibonacci numbers, Pascal triangles and many other mathematics tricks that I know now and I can use later in life”. said Tiana B.

Sports News

ASISSA Age Champions

Recently, at the ASISSA Primary Athletics Carnival, two Year 5 students, Jordan M and Marco B were awarded the 11 years age champions. The medals were presented at assembly this week. Congratulations to both students!

HZSA Athletics

On the 15th of August the Hills Zone Athletics Carnival was held at Sydney Olympic Park. It was a blustery, dusty day. We had 35 students attend the carnival, some competing in one event, some in eight events. Overall Hills Adventist came 6th which is our best ever result, and 4th when enrollment size is taken into account. Preston A achieved age champion for the 13B, Chane B runner up age champion for the 15G, and Amy R & Ryan H both won runner up age champions for the 18 year age groups. These athletes competed in 5 or more events on the day.

A special mention to our Year 12 competitors: Amy, Ryan, Ijaz & Ricky, who competed in the middle of their HSC trial exams and contributed 350 points to our overall total 1560-what a great contribution.

We had heaps of great performances – too many to mention here. Please see the Hills Zone website for the results.

We have 8 students who have progressed to the AICES carnival coming up on the 14th of September: Chane B, Ryan H, Ijaz M, Trent S, Yuvi B, Amy R, Madeline A & Preston A. Thanks to Mr Gates for the video below.

Music News

HICES Music Festival

Nine Hills Adventist College students from Year 7-12 participated in HICES Music Festival 2018. Our students were involved across three different ensembles: Vocal Ensemble (Georgie B, Sarah C, Ashlyn L, Meera S, Prisha S, Jaelee V); Concert Band (Edward G) and String Orchestra (Nicole H, Caleb T). The students spent from Sunday 19 August to Tuesday 21 August rehearsing at The Tops Conference Centre in Stanwell Tops and then were transported to Sydney Town Hall on Wednesday 22 August to rehearse for the final concert in the evening. This was a great opportunity for the students to develop confidence on their instrument/voice, meet new people and be presented with rare performance opportunities.

Creative Collective Thank You

A huge thank you to all of the students involved in the Music for Creative Collective. Parents, thank you for your support in getting your child to where they needed to be on time to make the night a success. It was a fantastic event and we are looking forward to it getting bigger and better every year!

Primo Orchestra

Kellyville Church program is next Saturday 15 September. Please make sure you are at the MPC by 9:00am for set up and sound check in preparation for the program starting at 10:00am.

Church Community Announcements

Chinese Community School

If you are interested in your child learning Mandarin after school at the Castle Hill Seventh-day Adventist Church, please click on the link below for a new opportunity.

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