Bosnian Conflict By: Stefan Urosevic; Kelsey Klukas; Manisha Joseph

Bosnia colored and made bigger in red

The conflict that took place in Bosnia was between three sides: the Serbs who were Orthodox, Croats who were Catholic, and Bosnians who were Sunni Islam. The conflict began due to Bosnia wanting to become an independent country. The issues that the three ethnicities had with Bosnia’s decision was that the Serbs and the Croats wanted to go to their respective countries, Serbia and Croatia, but the Bosnians wanted to keep the Serbs and Croats land while forcing the people of those ethnicities out. Bosnia was important because it was the place where Bosnian culture was created. On the other hand, the land was of historical value to the Serbs and Croats because that was their home that was now being taken away from them.

Ethnic map of Bosnia before & after
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  • Branka Urosevic - Victim of the war

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