Residential Schooling

Photo #1 As I listened to Mary Adams recount the effects of residential schooling, this is what I imagined it to be. It's heart breaking to see and hear about children being abused, and raped of their identity, by people who claimed to be doing it for their own good.

Photo #2- I chose this piece of art because, to me, it represents the pain, struggles and entrapment the children must have felt while at the residential schools. Many were ripped from their mother's arms, and taken away from their families against their will. And even today the effects are being felt. When Mary describes [they're] "throwing away our young people", demonstrates that the cycle has not yet been broken. The ripples in the water are still at their feet.

Photo #3-This piece of art is called the 'Inner Child Healing' which depicts a healing lodge for those of residential schools. I chose this to represent the healing that many people have to do. Healing is a lengthy process that many choose to do, and many choose not to. I feel that healing doesn't limit itself to those who went to residential schools, but also their children as well because the effects resonate within their families and it takes much love and time to heal.

Photo #4- This last picture is to represent the long journey ahead for the FNMI people. Even though much progress has been made, it is still a long road ahead. With the Indian Act still in place, it stands as a road block to full reconciliation. Many FNMI feel that they won't see the abolishment of the most racist act, but many are hopeful that they will.....

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