Panic remedies Panic attack management

Panic attack can occur anywhere and any time.

Panic attack comes with shortness of breath, heart pounding heart, increase blood pressure, sweating, crying spells or terror, night mares, instense emotion of fear.

Panic attack can be managed with calming the patient with benzodiazepines and later SSRI's, fluoxetine, sertraline. Calm the patient, let them sit, offer water, talk as a therapist, listen to patient story, make sure they don't choke from panic attack, in which case might need to take to the hospital for ABC's airway, breathing and circulation. Engage the patient into talks and don't make them talk too much, wipe their tears. Console, feel empathetic towards the patient, let them change their focus, by turning on the tv or music, rest in bed, play video games, offer lemonade or ginger ale, sit besides them, listen to whole story with prompts and ask for clarification if needed. Usually some perceived or actual child abuse or adolescent issues like assault can later manifest as a panic disorder. It is intense fear of losing something, dying, being alone, failing a test, lack of money, employment, separation from spouse, broken relationship with boyfriend etc, panic disorder.

Take my fear away, I am terrified
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