The renaissance

The reopening of the Silk Road sparked the renaissance. When the Silk Road declined no one traded becuase they weren't save. People traded painting that were popular and the renaissance wanted to make some that were similar to the original paintings. The Silk Road opened becuase the monoguls took over and it reopened. In conlusion this his how it sparked the renaissance

Italian trade cities

Florence, Milan, Venice, and Genoa had Merchant ships from Asia which brought goods to port cities on the Mediterranean Sea. Becuase the these trading cities were on the coast line ships were able to travel in and out with goods.

The Medici family

This is the Medici family.

Rediscovering the past

The development of the Renaissance was sparked by the Greek and romans. The renaissance has many art pieces in there. Half of them are from Rome and Greece. Like this picture, it was created by the rennaisance but was made to look like the real painting.

Leanardo da Vinci

This would have allowed us to fly or glide

This was the da Vinci catapult

This was a huge crossbow


This video is about Michelangelo and who he was, it also explains his art.

Johaan Gutenberg

The top and bottom right is about workers operating the press, as you can see you needed many people to operate it. Before paper and print were invented, oral communication was the only method in which information was gathered and distributed


William Shakespeare plays gave ideas on humanism, one over his plays that showed this was Julius Caesar. William can also be known as the start of rennaisance humanism. William Shakespeare's plays attracted so many people becuase the plays had education along with entertainment.

My bounty is as boundless as the sea. By William Shakespeare

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