MY EXHIBITION JOURNAL How we express ourselves


The kala ghoda festival and the jehangir art gallery field trip

The Descriptor: An Inquiry into the ways in which we discover and express ideas, feelings, nature, culture, beliefs, and values; the ways in which we reflect on, extend, and enjoy our creativity; our appreciation of the aesthetics.

Tuning In reflection -unpacking the central idea


Our reflection from the talk with the 6th graders: The 6th graders basically spoke to us about the challenges we are going to face and expectations from the teachers. They also gave us several tips for the exhibition.


Choosing our 3 preferences for exhibition
My 3 preferences: Future Technology, Architecture, and Photography. I chose these 3 topics as I am very passionate about them, and would love to know more each of them.
The Town Hall meeting

In the town-hall meeting we had on Monday, we watched videos to get inspired for the exhibition. One of them was 'The colours of Reality'. I learnt different multi-media I can use to express myself and the message the video was conveying.

We also watched a video on which we discussed the learner profiles, attitudes, and skills that have to showcase this unit.

02 / 03 / 2017: Today we got our groups for exhibition. I was put in a group with Nysa, Tia and Rishi and Miss Swapna as our mentor with the topic - Architecture. We were given the task of choosing how much time we would like, and build a bridge with the resources being newspaper, a scissor and some tape. I feel that that particular task was given to us to work on working together as a group independently. Our group was able to finish the given task on time. We also sat together to discuss what exactly each one of us would like to research in-depth about on architecture and then we split off into smaller groups of two. One being interior designing / architecture and the other exterior architecture.

03 / 03 / 2017: Today we focused on creating our essential agreements, central idea and lines of inquiry. Discussing on the points we need to follow, we cam up with 5 essential agreements for our group that we need to follow for the 9 weeks. We worked on forming our lines of inquiry based on the aspects of architecture each of us wanted to work on. Based on the lines of inquiry, we have formulated our central idea with the help of guide lines given by Miss Swapna: 'Realising the architecture and design around us; how it was used to express the architect’s or clients feelings, ideas, culture, beliefs and values.'


Designing a t-shirt!!!

06 / 03 / 2017:- Today in a town-hall meeting we had, we discussed about designing our exhibition t-shirts! We were all so excited. Mr. Steve showed us examples of previous t-shirts and rules we need to follow to design it. We have to hand in our designs in the next week after spring break.

07 /03 / 2017 - 10 / 03 / 2017:- In these couple of days, we met up with mentors and revised our work / questions for the first LOI multiple times. We also started with our research to get it done in time.

Tuning in

Finding out


20/03/2017:- Today we had a lecture with Mr. Anil on how to cite different sources ( books, magazines, and cites ). Then we moved onto more research for the first line of inquiry.


When we were first introduced to our group and our group mentor, we sat down and discussed the aspects of architecture that each one of us wanted to focus and study more about. Once we got that done, we made our first draft of the three lines of inquiry. We had to rewrite it a couple of times to make sure that we had covered everything we wanted to focus on and that it would give us a larger scope of researching. Once we formed our 3 lines of inquiry, we moved onto forming our central idea. This took a lot of time as it was hard for all of us to come to an agreement on the choice of words each of us wished to use. Once we had our lines of inquiry and central idea formed it was revised by miss Swapna. By the time it was finalised, we got to start forming questions for the first LOI. But when miss Swapna reviewed our work we had done so far, we had a discussion on what topics we actually wanted to focus on. So we altered our questions on the first line of inquiry and now we are at the stage of researching.

21/03/2017:- Today we also went upto the auditorium and we watched three role plays performed by the teachers. These were to help us find solutions to the problems many of us face throughout the exhibition process. At 11:00 our group had a meeting with miss Kasabi about the architecture of our school.



Reflection - Thinking Skills

Acquisition of knowledge:- I started to use specific vocabulary during exhibition time when we were researching as a group. The more we research the more new terms I learned that were related to Architecture. These terms have helped our group explore new strands of architecture everyday.

Comprehension:- I drew conclusions about all the facts we derived from all the meetings, and interviews we had. Our meetings and interviews were very helpful as the information we got would suffice our needs.

Application:- I explored different options when I was deciding what source to research from. Cites, books, magazines, or people. In my opinion books have worked the best as I got a lot of helpful information from there.

Analysis:- I identified relevant and irrelevant information when I was finding out information through different sources. But I got a lot of irrelevant information from cites. We have narrowed down our topics and found information such as interior designing when I was that wasn't all relevant to it.

Our guest speaker session with miss richa bahl

There will be a picture here

Our session with Miss Richa was very informative and so much fun. She gave us so much useful information both about interior designing and of architecture. She helped us make a lot of connections to architecture and our real life and she also gave us an activity to do till the next time we meet her. We hope to be able to plan a field trip to her studio to see her work.

Reflection - Communication skills

Listening:- I listened carefully, with interest to others in my group / teachers / guest speakers / video presentation to derive a clear understanding of the topic to have better progress with my research for LOI 1. Eg. The meeting with Miss Kasabi on the architecture of our school.

Speaking:- I expressed my ideas clearly, thoughtfully and logically when suggesting or presenting my ideas / information to my exhibition group.

Reading:- I could answer questions based on what I read. While reading the 'Green Buildings' I was able to answer one of my main questions," How office and school structures have evolved with the help of technology?" as there was a lot of helpful content in the book.

Writing:- I put information that I had read into my own words to make it easier for me and my fellow peers to understand. This was also so that we are clear with the final message that we would like to convey at the end of our exhibition.

Non Verbal Communication:- Our group created a logo to express our ideas about everything we have learnt so far - How technology has affected architecture.

Week 5

27 / 03 / 2017:-

Teacher's Feedback


Reflection - Learner profile attributes

  1. In the past 3 and a half weeks that I have been working with my group for exhibition, we have had a few minor conflicts and arguments when it came to agreeing to one's idea or suggestion. I think one example of this would be when we couldn't decide what questions for the LOI were good and bad. Another when we couldn't decide how we wanted to split the topics among ourselves when we were about to start researching.I think some of us can be more open-minded to everyone's suggestions and ideas for the group.
  2. Today wasn't the greatest day. We had a couple of setbacks when it came to the topics we have researched on. We realised that we need to research on a little bit more and expand our scope for researching for LOI 1. So we went ahead and started researching more about LOI 1 ( how technology has affected architecture ). I think we were inquirers and also reflective today.

29 / 03 / 2017:- Today we presented all our research for LOI 1. We were given feedback by our teachers and mentors so that we could revise our work and make the small changes needed. It was very interesting as we got to see what guidelines others have gone by for their research to take ideas from their work.

30 / 03 / 2017:- Today we finished all the little bits of research for the first LOI. Then we moved on to writing questions for the second LOI. We followed a system where all four of us pick a topic under the LOI and then write four questions to research on. ( 4 questions which give us scope research a lot about ). We also had a mentor meeting which has been postponed to Friday.

Listing my research

  • How have school and office buildings evolved with the help of technology? - Green architecture and how it has changed the architecture of office buildings. ( what is green architecture / materials used in architecture / the technology used in architecture )
  • What would be the comparison between structures made with the help of technology and structures made without technology now? ( Region - York ( UK ) - I have found the names and pictures of 5 of the least developed structures and the newly developed structures in a particular region. This was to see the comparison between structures made without technology and structures made with technology.
  • School structures - ( refuge areas / the interiors / materials / how tech has affected architecture ) I have done a write up about how school structures have changed and how they are designed from the interviews we had with Mr. Neil and Ms. Kasabi ( one of the school architects )
  • The new and improved alarm systems and temperature control systems in modern buildings ( motion sensors / smart thermostats / etc. )
  • 5 technologies that help buildings resist earthquakes - I have inquired into technologies such as modern foundations / shock absorbers / replaceable fuses / etc.
  • Hurricane proof buildings - I also inquired into hurricane proof buildings as suggested by Miss Swapna.

Reflection - Research skills

Formulating questions:- I made up questions that I could research and find lots of information about when we were formulating questions for the first line of inquiry. I had to write questions which would be elaborated and narrowed down but would yet be easy for me too find answers to.

Observing:- I listened to and watched to learn more during our guest speaker session with miss Richa Bahl. I had listen for points relevant to my questions as she spoke about a lot which wasn't all relevant to my topic.

Planning:- I began to plan my research when I was at the stage of sorting out the subtopics and questions I wanted to research about. This was very helpful as I was able to identify and sort out my research much more easily.

Collecting Data:- I was able to tell the difference between general information and specific information when I went on to certain cites recommended and suggested to me as I got a variety of information and some of it was useful while the other wasn't of any help.

Recording Data:- I took notes full of main points without copying sentences as I felt I didn't need all the information I was getting. Also, this way I would easily be able to paraphrase as I would have a better understanding of the point.

Organising Data:- I made observations and conclusions about all my research to finally put it in the mode of presentation I would like to use to present it.

31 / 03 / 2017:- Today we revised all our questions for LOI 2 and started researching. And when we had our mentor meeting, we revised all our research from LOI 1 to see if we have covered everything.

Week 6

03 / 04 / 2017:- Today I spoke to Miss Swapna and we revised my questions and ended up changing some of them. So I had to revise all my research to see what I could keep which ended up being very little. Then we also planned a field trip to meet Miss Swapna's friend who is an interior designer.

04 / 04 / 2017:- Today I moved onto my research for LOI 2 again. I tried to get as much done as possible.

Sorting out

Going further

05 / 04 / 2017:- Today we voted for our favourite t-shirt design and slogan for our exhibition t-shirts. We also progressed with our research and are almost done.

Black Hat Reflection:

06 / 04 / 2017:- Today we rushed to finish our research. We sat down to talk with Miss Swapna to show her how much we've completed and to see if we need to add or change anything to our research. We thought about a few small topics that we could cover and edited some work which was unnecessary.

Yellow hat reflcetion

Week 7

10 / 04 / 2017:- Today we had a town hall meeting by miss Ramona about tip and tricks for presenting on the final day. It was very interesting. We also moved onto formulating questions for the third line of inquiry - How design showcases our lifestyle. I am focusing on myths and tales from the past that have been incorporated in architecture.

11 / 04 / 2017:- Today we moved onto researching for the third line of inquiry as our deadline for the third LOI is next Monday.

12 / 04 / 2017:- Today we decided how we want to present each topic we have covered in our research. Then we moved on with our research for LOI 3. We also started making models and charts for the final day.

Making Conclusions

13 / 04 / 2017:- Today we continued researching and simultaneously worked on charts and models as our deadline for LOI 3 is Monday.


17 / 04 / 2017:- Today we presented all our research for LOI 3 and we revised our research for LOI 1 and 2.

18 / 04 / 2017 & 19 / 04 / 2017:- In these two days I aimed at adding the necessary changes to my research and finishing my model for green architecture.

20 / 04 / 2017:- Today we started finishing off all our presentations and models. I took help from miss Ishani to get ideas on what changes to make on my model.

My feedback for LOI 3

21 / 04 / 2017:- Today we went forward with our presentations. Miss Swapna also made an announcement about the opening ceremony and what props were required, so we sat down and figured out what props each one of us were going to bring. We also were asked about what extra materials we were going to need for our stall on Friday.


24 / 04 / 2017:- Today we had our first rehearsal for the opening ceremony for exhibition. We worked on what props to hold, how to hold them, where to stand, and when to come on and off stage.

25 / 04 / 2017:- Today started wrapping up all our presentations for exhibition.

26 / 04 / 2017:- Today all we had was exhibition. We had to finish making all our presentations, crosscheck all our work, and see if we had everything on charts or an online presentation.

27 / 04 / 2017:- Today we set up our stalls!!! It was a long day. At the beginning of the day things were a little haywire. We couldn't decide what should go where and had a few conflicts throughout. But towards the end of the day, our stall started coming together. At the end of the day our stall was looking amazing.

28 / 04 / 2017:- EXHIBITION DAY!!! It went very well. Our opening ceremony went quite smoothly and we got lots of good feedback about our research and set up for the stall. We were so proud of ourselves, everyone did a really good job. All the stalls looked amazing. At the end of the day we took down our work and decided who wants to keep what. We threw some of it and kept some of it. It was really fun.

reflections and feedback

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