Iroquois Theatre Fire By: Jasmin Diaz

Have you heard of the tragic fire that killed over 600 people? The fire was the Iroquois Theatre Fire. The date was December 30, 1903. Yes the fire kill many people kids and adults. Carl Prinzler is a man who invented specific doors to prevent this from happening again. Keep reading to learn more about the tragic fire to understand more about it.

Inside Theatre before the fire.

Carl Prinzler

Carl Prinzler was a salesman for Vannegut Hardware Co. Carl Prinzler was not present at the event but was still involved. He planned to attend the show at the Iroquois Theatre but he didn't attend because of business dealing.

New Inventions

Sense Carl Prinzler wasn't physically involved in the fire he did feel bad and even very relived that he wasn't involved. He then created doors that were able to open from the inside if you were trying to escape. If the doors were locked from the outside people could not enter only exit from the inside.

New Laws

Sense the death of many people were able to be prevented from happening again they made new laws. All theater exits had to be clearly marked and the doors rigged. Many deaths were caused because of doors being locked because they were trying to prevent people from coming in for free.

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