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Dividing a diverse country into regions make it easier to understand.If you were split into a region where everyone has the same culture or religion as you wouldn't that make you feel more welcome and make it feel easier to talk to people with the same religious beliefs.? Let's say you are from Islam. Now you are being divided into regions of Christianity , religion,and or linguistic diversity . You would be able to communicate to your peers and you would be able to go through a sentence knowing that your peer believes in what you do. Another example would be if you were in a cultural region supporting ethnic diversity you would have the ability to communicate and to do whatever your culture stands for.I am ⅓ Dominican and my mother was an immigrant who believed in god and I he lord . So if she went to a Christian region she would be able to go to church every Sunday and on Good Friday if the region was also for people who speak Spanish she would be able to communicate with her peers.Dividing our country into diverse regions would make it easier to understand for many various reasons.

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