Chapter 8 Outline Sawyer Post

Budgeting and Planning

  • You'll wanna collect all the info on your income and bills and other things you need to pay
  • You want to know how much in bills you have to pay a month
  • Recording your income and expenses are a key part
  • Always keep your tax records and any other records
  • Make a personal property inventory in case of a fire a you get rob
  • You might come into contracts the key is to read it and make sure you like the policy of it
  • You don't always have to accept and agreement you can throw back a counteroffer
  • Consideration is something of value exchanged for something else of value
  • To be legally enforceable, a contract must have a lawful purpose
  • Always try your best to avoid fraud
  • You should be responsible when it comes to signing agreements
  • You can always negotiate and a agreement you aren't always stuck with one thing
  • A warranty, also called a guarantee, is a statement assuring quality and performance of a product or service
  • Paper filing system or and electronic record is very important to have


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