star wars the force awakens

Kylo Killed The Kylo Ren theory came from a viral Tumblr post that suggested, in short, that Kylo Ren is only pretending to be part of the Dark Side in an attempt to get close to Supreme Leader Snoke and kill him. The original theory used Kylo Ren's confession scene to Darth Vader's helmet as evidence, noting that, instead of Kylo Ren asking his grandfather to guide him to the Dark Side, he could be gathering courage to "finish what you started" — meaning destroying the darkness. Furthermore, the theory proposes that Kylo Ren, aka Ben Solo, had to kill Han Solo (or "Dad" as Kylo refuses to call him) to prove his loyalty to the Dark Side. It is only after he kills Han in a clearly emotionally difficult scene that Kylo Ren is summoned to Supreme Leader Snoke to "complete his training."
RAY All six films of the Star Wars story with the main character is. Sky Walker since he Anakin and Luke Sky Walker. Even in this sector, JJ Do not focus on that force is awakened to issues related SKYWALKER and Ben pedigree of power to the Kai Lo Rain. But there is also a suspicion that there might be a ray of genealogy Sky Walker because mental strength and can force the exposure saber Jedi have. Control can be a great fight. The question that may be true, then the Ray Sky Walker pedigree dating to the Luke or Leia could come from it is not.

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