To Kill a Mockingbird BY:HARPER LEE

Introduction: To kill a mockingbird is a great classic book that has stood the test of time. It is still talked about all the time to this day and inspirational too many generations and more to come.
Author information: Nelle Harper Lee or Harper Lee in pen name was a woman who was above her time when she wrote this book called "To Kill a Mockingbird". Harper Lee is wildly know for writing "To Kill a Mockingbird",some of the other books she has written is "Go Set a Watchman". Nelle Harper Lee was born on Apirl, 28, 1926 in Monroeville Albama. She was the youngest of four childen of Frances Cunningham ( her dad) and Amasa Coleman Lee (her mom). When she was in Monroe County High School she got interested in english literature. After sge graduated form high school in 1944 she attended a all-female college in montgomery for a year and then trensferred into the University of Alabama. On the morning of February, 19, 1016 at the age of 89 she passed away.
View point: "To Kill a Mockingbird" was in first person view form Scout. Looking though the eyes of a little girl growing up in that time was very interesting. In the point of view we really saw Scout grow up and change. At the start of the book she was young and didn't know a lot about the world and what was happing around her.
Bildungsroman: Bildungsroman is a type of novel were it is a coming of age story. It is a genre that focuses on the psychological and moral growth of the protagonist.
Background and historical context: There was a lot happening at the time of the book. The book takes place in 1933-1935. In the 1930's there was the Great Depression. The Great Depression was the longest and worst depression of all time. the Great Depression originated in the United States after a big fall in the stock market prices. On October, 29, 1929 the stock market fell again witch is called Black Tuesday. Between 1929 and 1932 the worldwide GDP fell by a estimated 15%. the Great Depression also caused WW2 to start. The Dust Bowl also known as the Dirty Thirties. The Dust Bowl happened in the 1930's. The Dust Bowl was a period of severe dust storms that greatly damaged the ecology and agriculture of the American and Canadian prairies.
Jean Louise 'Scout' Finch: Or known as Scout. Scout is Jem's sister and the daughter of of Atticus Finch. Scout though the book changed a lot, at the start of the book she was selfish and didn't really know a lot about the horrible stuff happening around her. A little though the book she gets faced with sexism and she starts to see what is wrong with the world. When the Tom Robinson case came up she fighered out something was wrong with the world and how the world works. Scout is the per we are seeing everything from. "I think there is only one kind of folks........ folks".
Dill Harris: Is a clumsy young man and is Jem's best friend as well as Scouts boyfriend. Kill would come down the maycome every summer. He has a very bad man for a dad so he ran away form his dad and started to live with Jem and Scout " Well I'm gonna be a new kinda clown. I'm gonna stand in the middle the right and laugh at the folk".
Jem Finch: Is Scout's bother, Atticus son and Dills best friend. Jem really grow up in the book. At the start he was kinda mean to Boo Radley and was selfish. When he started being friend with Dill he would try to exclude Scout form being with them. The Tom Robinson case really helped him turn into a man, same with when he helped out that old lady. At the end of the book he really showed how much he has grow as a person when he saved Scout " If there is only one kind of folk, why cant they get along with each other".
Atticus Finch: Is the dad to Scout and Jem. He was the person who defend Tom Robinson. Atticus is a lovely and kind person who never jumps to conclusion. That is way he was the person to defend Tom Robinson. He really tried and wound not stop fighting for what he believes is right. Atticus is also the best shot of anyone in maycome. " You never really understand a person until you consider this form his point of view until you climb into his skin and walk around in it".
Tom Robinson: Is a black man was was accused of raping Mayella Violet Ewell. Atticus Finch is the person defending him. Tom is a very nice and caring person as you can see when he helps out Mayella for free. At the end of the book Tom got shot to death because he tried running form the police. "
Calpurnia: Is the maid for the Finch family. Calpurnia acts like a mother to jem and scout. You can tell in the book that she really loves the kids and whats the be there. " Children learn more form what you are then what you teach".
EXPOSITION: meeting Scout. Jem, Atticus, Dill. RISING ACTION: Scout , Jem and Dill try to find out who Boo Radley really is and on difforent times they encountered him. Atticus starts to get ready for the case. CLIMAX: When everyone is in the cort room for Tom Robinson's rape accusations. Atticus try's really hard to win the case but fails and Scout and Jem are shocked on how people can do that. Tom Robinson is guilty by the jury FALLING ACTION: Tom Robinson gets shot because he try's to run away form the police. Jem and Scout are walking home form the play and gets jumped. Jem broke his elbo, Boo Radley saves them both and brings Jem home. RESOLUTION: Jem and Scout see the real Boo Radley is and it really changes them.
Motifs: There is one that really stands out to me and it is Gothic Details. There are many gothic details like a weird snowfall. the mad dog that Atticus had to kill. Boo Radley is a very big one too., Jem and Scout and Dill have some dark superstitions about him.
Themes: Good and evil is a very big theme in this book. This book for me asks are people born good or born evil and can they change? Is it so easy to figure out if a person is evil or good. Though out this book Scout and Jem and Dill think Boo Radley is a person who is evil but it turns out he is a good person. On the other hand Scout and Jem thought some people were good people but the found out that they are evil people because they tried to kill Tom Robison.
Symbols: The symbol that stands out the most to me is Boo Radley because his whole character is about people not under standing some one and jumping to conclusions. Everyone thought that he was a very bad man but in the end it turns out he is a good man.

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