Daddy says hi to Mila Hey there mooch mooch!

This is a special new page for daddy to say hi to Mila during his every day experiences. Mila is free to check out this page whenever she wants to see daddy's face and see him say hi! Daddy will be checking in to this page all the time to say "hola", "aloha", and "zdravo"!

The new blue lockers

Check out these cool new blue lockers we got in daddy's office today! They're good for putting things in them like your lunch, your bags, or a toy!

The size of one of the lockers is about the size of daddy's head

Where will this go?

Sadly, they are too small to fit daddy's umbrella

here's a song from the super fun movie we saw last weekend with some of the fun scenes!

It's been a fun day, Goodnight Mils!
Hi Mils! It's a cold morning on my way to work, but it's sunny out!
Check out this funny French Bulldog (I thought it was a pug but I was wrong!) puppy that was hanging out at my office wearing a sweater!
Here is a pretty cool holiday light display I saw in somebody's yard walking home from work tonight! Thought you'd like it :)

Hey Mils! Remember the super fun video we made last weekend! Here it is for you to watch and laugh at :)

What is going on here?! Why is this squash floating?!? We may never find out, but someday, we might ;)

There was a very pretty rainbow on the counter in my office today! Though you'd like to see it :)
Hi to Mils from the first really cold day of winter - I had to wear my warm gray hat!
Hi Mils! Here are two cool pictures I took out of my office window yesterday!
Guess when?? Here's a throwback to last summer :) One of our favorite cream desert on the promenade during sunset! Can't wait til it's nice enough to do this again :)
Hi Mils! I was feeling super happy this morning looking at the drawings you made yesterday! So cool!
Also saw a friend of yours at my office! The troll said to say hi to you and that it would see you soon!

Hi Mils! I was thinking about our conversation about the moon and how you were looking at it out of the car window on our drive to Philadelphia the other night. I found a cool website with info about what the moon is doing every night, click the link above to see what's going on with the moon cycles!

Hi Mils, here's a special Serbian memory - ha ha ha!
Here's a look back at our Serbia trip - this was the dinner we had at the Italian restaurant with Boris and Jasna - here we are collaborating thoughtfully on some important artwork!
Hi Mils!!! It was super chilly on the walk to work today, but I snapped a few silly shots here :)

One of our favorites from Trolls! Night night kakamora!!!

Hi Mils! Check out these two super fun pictures!!! I bet you're wondering how I took them?! I'll have to show you sometime very soon as a fun surprise activity!
Hi Mils, here are a couple very sweet pics of you feeding the birds with Deda Boris - I love these photos :)
Mila!! Here are a few pictures from our first day out with the drone! How super exciting and oh so much fun :) I'll never forget how surprised and excited you were to see things in a new way.
Hi from the rainy gym!! Love you!
Walking home and saying hi Mils!! :)
Fun walk times with Alexa from last weekend :)
Hi Mils! Here are some photos from our trip to the salon - what a fun treat! See you soon sweetie!
Hi Mils! Here are some looks at that fun and chilly walk we had with Nana at the serbian castle!
Early morning gym hello!
Hi Mils! Here's part one of our exploration journey from yesterday! Stay tuned this week for more exploration journey updates :)
Hi Mils! Here's a few more moments from our exploration journey last weekend!
Hi Mils! Here are some super fun shots from your game of tag after the barn dance! What a fun day:)
Hi Mils! Here are some cool photos from the drone flight last weekend! So much fun! Look at how cool and neat Nana's house looks from overhead!
Hanging out with some of my favorite people! Miluchkala and Serbian Psychology Cat!
Morning Mils! Here's a couple photos of the fun hang in Nana's dressing room from last weekend :)
Mils! Here's a few great pics from our swimming time last weekend :) can't wait to go with you again!!
Hi Mils! The last three days I went on a work trip to san francisco and these are three really cool pictures I took along the way - one is from the plane there, one is with the drone, and one is at sunrise from a car :)
Hi Mils :):):) What a fun weekend playing music and dancing we had!! Love you!!!
Hey Mils! Here are a few pics of a funny moment with you and Nana in Belgrade this winter :)
Hi Mila sweetie! Here's me and my friend "Glassy Joe"!
Hi Mils sweetie! I'm on an airplane today headed to San Francisco for one day to do some work! While we get ready to take off, I'm looking at the beautiful pictures you drew for our animation!
Hi Mila! I am in sunny california today doing some work. I got to drive over a beautiful red bridge called the Golden Gate Bridge. I also saw some beautiful clouds and landscapes!
Hi Mils!!! What a super fun bday weekend :) here are a couple of my favorite photos! Will post more soon :)
Hi Mils, we're thinking of you and out on the town! Love you!!
First nice sunny afternoon! Hi Mils! Breaktime at the office :)
Hi Mils!! We're in the airport about to leave on a trip to Portland! Thinking about you and missing you:):):) Love you sweetie!!
Hi Mils! Here are some beautiful pictures of the landscape of Portland that I took with thre drone! Also here is a picture of the amazing breakfast I had: waffles with Chicken!! You would love it :)
Hi Mils!! Portland is so pretty this time of year! Here's some pics of us, some pretty flowers, and Emily's dog Junie, who is really funny :) Miss you and see you super soon!!! ❤️❤️❤️
Hi Mils!!! Here are a few of the fun moments from our last weekend in Brooklyn at the folk festival, the house, and around the neighborhood :) Love you!!!
Hi Mils!!! Here are some pictures from the week: 1. Flowers at a plant store we went to 2. Plants in the back of the car headed for the garden! 3. Deda Boris and Bobo at the dog show 4. Me in a green sweatshirt and a matching car!
Hi Mils :) here are some nice moments from the weekend - you and ofir on the porch swing and jovan - pipa the dog relaxing - you with blue popsicle lips, and some very pretty yellow flowers in our new york back yard that I thought you'd like :)
Hi Mils!! Here are some pics from our super fun weekend! I loved going with you to swimming and eating delicious breakfasts :)
Hi Mils! We're headed to Florida to visit Lizzy's grandma! Love you and miss you and see you soon!


All photos and stories by daddy!

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