Dallas,Texas by: jack setterstrom

This is the city of Dallas, and its sky line.


Dallas,Texas is the fourth largest city in Texas in area and third largest in population. The city is located north central Texas near the trinity river. The summers at Dallas are 70 degrees Fahrenheit to 90 degrees Fahrenheit with tornadoes and other storms. The winter is 37 degrees Fahrenheit to 67 degrees Fahrenheit.

The landscape around Dallas is mostly dry. People enjoy the warm weather for, when the weather up in the north gets colder. For that during the warmer months it has a lot of elderly people come.

Map of Dallas


Dallas is one of the biggest sport related cities in the United States. Some teams that play in the city are: The Mavericks, The Cowboys,and The Dallas Stars. There is also various collage teams you can do and watch. The cowboys are a NFL professional football team that is one of the best in the organization. The mavericks are a NBA team that is lacing but is still okay. The Dallas Stars are the most lacking of these teams

All Dallas based teams.


The diversity in Dallas is very wide and includes a majority of Hispanics for, Mexico is south of the city. White is next large group in the city. Lastly is African American making up the least amount of the population in the city. The city of Dallas also includes over 50 different languages.The main religion in Dallas is Christianity. But there are a number of other different religions in Dallas.

In Dallas currently there is a lot of racial tension for, the new president elect Donald Trump is considered racist by the Mexican people. The city is now at a split, the Hispanics live in the southern part of the city,and the whites live in the northern part. but with all the tension in the city there is still a lot of race mixes like the food, culture,and music.

One of the bridges in Dallas.

Things to do

Dallas is a city where you can do countless things. The city is known for a lot of street art. A very looked at site is the Kennedy shooting site, which is located on the street where he was shot. One other is the Texas state fair that is one month long. The food of Dallas is a mix of Spanish/american dishes that includes beef, tortillas, and spice. One last one is the Dallas zoo the largest in Texas.

Some more photos of Dallas


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