Dynamic Business Modelling for Effective Strategies Either 21, 22 or 23 Feb. (7 – 9.30pm) with Dr. Kim Warren & Richard Mak

Background Information

Organizations have gone bust as their business cannot adapt to the fast changing, globalized world where technologies increasingly disrupt entire industries. To survive and succeed require management competence in formulating and executing effective strategies. However, existing strategy tools do not address the key issue – performance through time:

Why is our performance following its current path?

Where is it going if we carry on as we are?

How can we design a robust strategy to radically improve this performance into the future?

This Information Session will address the limitation of existing strategy toolkit and highlight how to formulate coherent and effective strategies through time-phase actions. Audience will be introduced to System Dynamics which is the application of engineering control principles to enterprise. Until recently, System Dynamics was difficult to use, Dr. Kim Warren takes on the challenge to make System Dynamics principles clearly understandable for corporate executives to use them reliably in practice. This enables organizations to make radical improvements to their planning and implementation of strategy. The focus of this information session is on Dynamic Business Modeling which recognises that businesses dynamically evolve and how to re-invent their (business) models to achieve strategic advantage.

Dynamic Business Modelling helps us to:

• design the system so that it can perform well

• manage the system so that it does perform well

• fix the system if it goes wrong

Application of Dynamic Business Modelling (DBM)

DBM has widespread applications. Following are some ways DBM can be of value:

• Innovation: Models have been built to pre-test the concept, then raise finance, and finally to run the business week-to-week, month-to-month

• Turnaround: What real trouble builds up, standard ‘cut across the board’ will just make things worse. Use of DBM allows us to re-build a solid core business system

• Tackle Competition: Whether fighting off an attack, dominating a market, or integrating an acquisition, a robust working model of the process is vital

• Performance indicators and Balance Scorecard – DBM can be used to build working quantified models which automatically highlight all the performance indicators you need.

Agenda for Information Session

1. What is Dynamic Business Modelling: Short explanation and hands-on demonstration - bring a tablet to try one for yourself

2. Why this is powerful, and practical: Connections to what you already do, and how the process works resulting in needing less time and effort than existing planning approaches

3. How to integrate System Dynamics with Strategy Toolkit with use of simulation software.

4. Discussion: Tell us your challenges and concerns, and we can explain how Dynamic Business Modelling can help you tackle them with confidence.

Who will benefit from joining us?

• Consultants and analysts: Dynamic Business Modelling are the tools you need to provide confident recommendations and management systems to those you advise.

• Any CEO, general manager or functional head: This is the solution you have been waiting for – a holistic, fact-based and reliable process and tool-set to turn ambition into reality.

• Heads of training and people-development: Explore with us how you can give your people the ability to understand, use, and (for some) build Dynamic Business Model to deliver substantial and sustainable improvements in enterprise performance.

Profile of Dr. Kim Warren

Kim is an experienced strategy professional, teacher and writer. His work focuses on the practical, rigorous method known as Strategy Dynamics which he developed to help businesses and other organisations radically improve their planning and implementation of strategy. He is author of the prize-winning Competitive Strategy Dynamics (Wiley, 2002), a major strategy textbook, Strategic Management Dynamics (Wiley, 2008). With colleagues, he has developed many simulation-based business games that provide a clear understanding of his rigorous, fact-based approach to developing and managing strategy and performance.

Collaborations with leading consulting firms have extended the scope of Strategy Dynamics' impact to corporate strategy, equity analysis, technological disruption and due-diligence for M&A and private equity deals. Consulting relationships also enhance and develop the approach. Recent examples include the UK Government's Dept. for International Development, Microsoft Inc., Visa International, BT plc., Barclays Bank, Schneider Electric and PWC, and other public sector and voluntary organisations. Kim has an engineering background, an MBA and PhD from the London Business School.

Profile of Richard Mak

Richard is an author (Snap! Creative Ideas on Demand), inventor of a game which has been nominated for the MENSA Select Award, award-winning entrepreneur (Alpha-Plus Training Consultants) and an adjunct lecturer with the Singapore Management University in Creative Thinking. He has delivered talks and workshops on Business Model Innovations organized by the Singapore Press Holdings, Singapore Innovation & Productivity Institute (Singapore Manufacturing Federation) ACCA (Singapore) and the iCentre (Brunei). Richard has more than 30 years of corporate/business experience in sales, marketing, accounting, finance and business development. He has provided corporate advisory services in several multi-million dollar joint ventures and strategic alliances. Richard is a multi-disciplinary professional with a MBA in Creative Problem Solving & Decision Sciences (University of Hull), double qualifications in accountancy (B. Acc. & ACCA) and a post-graduate qualification in Marketing (Marketing Institute of Singapore).

For more information on this event, please contact:

Richard Mak

Director, Alpha-Plus Training Consultants Pte. Ltd.

Mobile: +65 96693600

Email: mak@innovation.com.sg

Website: http://innovation.com.sg

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