Artwork of Quarantined Kids part two By: Lydia Snapp

By senior Nakia Brown. “I was just sitting on my bed and had a feeling like if I didn’t express myself I would just lose it, so I got up and grabbed the paint,” Brown continued, “I started out just throwing it around on the canvas and then it started coming together.”
By Sophomore Tiara Nix. “I made it around sunset so I felt calm and inspired,” Nix said. This is how she feels when meditating. “The lower words describe how I feel when I’m low, and the higher words when I feel good and pure,” explained Nix.
By senior Yesinia Morales. “I didn’t have a set plan for making this. I was really bored as wanted to do something creative,” she sculpted the vase, let it sit for a week and put it in the oven. She then used an acrylic paint set she ordered online. “I thought this would be a great opportunity to make a gift for a friend,” Morales said.

By senior Willa Kuttner. "This piece was really therapeutic because I just kind of came out. There was no conscious narrative or assignment behind it," Kuttner explained.

By Willa Kuttner. “I was originally making a card for a friend, and selfishly wanted to keep the result.” Kuttner continued, “I like that it’s pretty realistic considering I rarely make any of my art realistic.”

By Willa Kuttner. Kuttner painted a still life of a cabinet in her house. “Making household things look wacky represents the way I view home - as something structurally sound yet bent, strange, and sweet," she said.

By Willa Kuttner. This was an assignment in her class, as they were studying facial expressions. “I was dreading it but it ended up being my favorite in the class.” Kuttner continued, “It was a fun and tedious project that taught me how to be more patient.”