Virginias Industries By Logan

tourism:You can come get a job now with high pay. You will get to do all kinds of things, like work at Shenandoah national park. You could look at the blue ridge mountains, and look at the beautiful nature.
transportation:You can work by driving cool cars and trains. You get a lot of breaks and its easy! you could fly planes and helicopters and look down at all the stuff below you. You can even help take raw materials to factories.
technology: This is the job for you because you an just zoom right through it! It only takes almost just a click and your done, plus this job pays more than other normal jobs.
federal government: You would want this job because its for strong men like you. You get paid a lot and work less you can work with weapons and soldiers. your job will be in D.C, which is great because you can see great views.


Created with images by Pexels - "architecture building business" • Holgi - "aircraft qantas air new zealand" • skeeze - "automobile corvette grand sport car" • markusthomasde - "vehicle chrome technology" • igb - "Government building."

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