UFO By Eric


You are walking on the sidewalk at night when you see a round flickering light. It’s floating in the air coming towards you. You would probably want to run. But then, a beam of light hits your body from the aircraft. It burns you very badly, you might even blackout! After recovery, you will think, “what was that?” It was a UFO. The thing everybody says it could be fake or genuine.

Are UFOs True?

UFOs are true in fact, they have been spotted many times in different places. Most UFOs have been spotted in Nevada in a coast with barely nothing. Only dirt and sand. Many have been spotted there, scientists called the place, Area 51. Area 51 is a code name that refers to the grid or a place of land. A man named Steve Barone videoed flying aircrafts with weird lights shining around them. He said, "First one, then two, then more and more. They put on a spectacular show. I am glad I was patient because the show they put on kept on getting better and better."

Also, there was a truck driver in Southern Illinois when he spotted an object floating in the air. He quickly drove his truck to the police department and let them know. The truck driver said, “I happen to look over into the sky to the north-east. And I saw a very very bright light up there.” The moment the policeman heard that, he drove to the place the truck driver mentioned it was. When he reached to the place where it was, he only saw a glance of it when the aircraft was away from him around a mile in a second. The police officer came back astonished with how the UFO went away so quickly.

UFOs Intend With Humans There were many rumours of UFOs killing or injuring people. Every now and then, a beam of light would haunt people giving them some kind of burn. Because of injuries from the UFO, people who lived at the place where many were injured got anxious. So doctors came to help. After taking care of the patients, doctors learned that the mark begins to become a blackish colour after about a week. Then, they would eventually die off. Doctor Carvano, tried to treat patients hit by the beam of light. At first, she didn’t believe the stories of flying objects zapping beams to attack people. But it was a day when she went to look at a injured women when she saw the flying object with bright lights around it. Even the Brazilian Air Force got photographs and videos of the mysterious object! They couldn’t find how the beams gave people burns yet.

UFO and Its Abilities

Other than UFOs injuries, some people have wondered “What causes the UFO fly around. Donald E. Keyhoe found this information and claimed that UFOs use some kind of gravity control to float around earth quickly meanwhile other aircrafts would have to go slowly by fuel. But with gravity control, they can be light as air and travel at the speed of light. UFOs also use magnetic forces to float around space.

This is why UFOs are so mysterious and cool. We don’t even know the true identity of the UFO. As more and more research adds up to it, we’re sure to know the secret.

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