Discuss the following questions about work as instructed by your teacher. Remember to use vocabulary and structures adequate to your level.

What is a typical day at your work like? What are the things you like the most/the least about your job?

If every job paid the same amount of money, which job would you prefer to do?

What is the usual retirement age in your country? Should it change? What would be a more appropriate retirement age?

Are there jobs that men do better than women do? How about vice versa?

Are you looking for work these days? What is the job market like in your country?

How important is the following in a job?

decent salary

higher salary

shorter working day

flexible working hours

friendly workmates

pleasant atmosphere at work

Have you ever been umemployed? If you were, did you only apply for jobs you were well suited for or would you try for any job?

If more people worked part-time as opposed to full-time would this be a good way to reduce unemployment?

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