Black Fashion Week 2019 Pictures by Juanistyle Photography

Black Fashion Week Netherlands

Worldhotel Wings

Rotterdam, The Netherlands

May 2019

B Proud Design
K-RPediem Créations
Duc Nguyen
Branka Couture
Kwame Koranteng

Fashion Designers Contact Information

B Proud Design

Website: www.bprouddesign.com/

Facebook: www.facebook.com/BProudDesign/

Instagram: @bproud_design

K-Rpediem Créations

Facebook: www.facebook.com/fanjakrpediem/

Instagram: @fanjakrpediem_creations


Website: ducdesign.eu

Facebook: www.facebook.com/designbyduc/

Instagram: @modebyduc

MAF Couture

Facebook: www.facebook.com/MAFCouturebymarytataw/

Instagram: @mafcouture_


Facebook: www.facebook.com/MerryMarianOfficial/

Instagram: @merrymarianofficial

Branka Couture

Facebook: Branka Couture

Instagram: @Branka_Couture

Kwame Koranteng

Website: www.kwamekoranteng.com

Facebook: Kwame Koranteng Bespoke Tailoring

Instagram: @kwame_koranteng

About The Photographer: Jean

Jean is my name and Juanistyle is my name as an artist. My parents come from The Democratic Republic of Congo and I was born in Rhodos, Greece.

Portrait, events and wedding photography are my main areas of expertise and without trying to be "The master of all trades", I am also shooting fashion & beauty pictures.

Video: Juanistyle Photography Showreel

Contact information:

Email: jean@juanistylephotography.com

Facebook: Juanistyle Photography

Instagram: @JuanistylePhoto

Twitter: @JuanistylePhoto

Website: www.juanistylephotography.com


Pictures by Juanistyle Photography - www.juanistylephotography.com