Why just improve on what's been done before, when you can reimagine it?

Offering you e-materials that work side by side with your traditional printed curriculum.
A Set of materials will never be any better than the amount of imagination and innovation that goes into creating them.

Start off by using the traditional printed materials. When your students are ready to implement technology or want to further explore ideas, introduce the ETC Montessori e-materials.

Opening new, more innovative ways of learning.

We created amazing content that engages, captivates, and sparks the imagination.

Times are changing, and this year we'll see even greater changes as school districts and individual schools take up new forms of technology and explore new ways of delivering content and instruction.

School leaders are becoming increasingly aware of new technologies that can engage students, and build on their academic strengths. As Montessorians we have made every effort to stay true to our roots. Our digital materials are not intended to replace the traditional printed materials that are currently in the classroom. On the contrary, we want to augment the activities and provide tools that not only challenge students, but also keep them engaged academically, promoting deep learning. Essentially, we are trying to provide students with more opportunities for project-based learning.

Our e-materials are viewable on a variety of devices ensuring that students can access the information in an expedient manner.
No matter what the platform. Your children will be able to access the content that really counts.

Our partnership with Apple Inc. to publish educational e-materials has created numerous opportunities for students. At ETC Montessori we believe that we can make a difference. As educators, we are well aware that our Montessori students already enjoy the benefits of a pedagogical system that far surpasses any other currently being used. Montessori has strong roots and we believe in them. Therefore, in our dedication to our tradition we once again venture into the construction of a bridge that will bring together the traditional Montessori approach with the benefits of a truly unobtrusive technology.

Over the years we have been trailblazers when it comes to new and innovative concepts in the classroom. Once again ETC Montessori is paving the way for new things to come. Now the best part of what happens in our Montessori classroom is about to get even better.

The only way for traditions to be kept alive is by allowing them to adapt, otherwise they will dry out.

The benefits

The Global Classroom

Our e-materials are now available at over 50 countries around the world. That means that schools that once had to consider shipping prior to ordering our materials, due to high shipping costs, now have an opportunity to acquire them immediately for literally a fraction of the cost. Available at each county's local currency, schools, educators, or parents no longer need to wait or worry about exchange rates.

Students around the globe have access to our e-materials.

Deep Research Opportunities

With our Multi-Touch e-materials, our students are no longer limited to flat images on paper. Flick or swipe through a photo gallery. Watch a movie while in the safety of their environment.

Don't know a word? Students can always look up any word on any set of e-materials that is classified as a text.

Most all of our e-materials are available using a special format that gives students even greater flexibility. It's like nothing they’ve ever experienced. And it’s something they will use to discover even more.

Truly interactive content

Always Current

Our content may be updated for any number of reasons. New content, new pictures, or additional interactive elements. No matter what the reason, you can be assured that any updates will be automatically delivered to you, and you will be notified as soon as they are available.

New is not always better. That's why every e-material we create goes back to the traditional printed materials.
student explorations using the iPad. Content is continuously monitored and adjusted to reflect current research and information.

The Interactive Revolution

A perfect integration of new concepts blended with the traditional materials. A timeline that you have in your possession now becomes the foundation for research. A child can tap on an icon and the research card appears. Everything they need to concentrate on the work is available to them.

The new timeline of life now has keypoints that offer research questions satisfying a variety of learning styles.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Our pictures tell a bigger story when they’re interactive. Pan-and-zoom features add even more to the experience.

See things like never before. Pictured here is a human nerve cell. Students can tap on a label and zoom in 50%
See the big picture.

Notes, highlights, definitions, and study cards

Students can take notes, highlight text that matters and create note cards.

Keep notes, highlight text, or listen to a virtual reading of the text. The tools they need when they need them.

ETC Montessori Digital.

"Anyone can learn to duplicate a technique or a set of materials. That's not creative expression! What motivates us, at ETC Montessori, is the TRUE development of a set of materials, from start to finish. This process is not something that happens over a couple of weeks or a year, yet, it's exactly this process that provides the basis for true creativity."

Creative Director - ETC Montessori


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