Land of Enchantment - New Mexico Traveling Tripod Photography Workshops

October 3-9, 2019

Picture this: A photography trip where you can experience the splendor of the Rocky Mountains with thick evergreen forests and meadows filled with wildflowers in valleys where rivers and streams fed by snowmelt and hot springs cascade over picturesque waterfalls. Rugged desert locations where dinosaurs once roamed the land, complete with volcanoes, lava flows, and underground cave systems, overlooked by tall cliffs that provide spectacular sunset views. Fantastic rock formations and narrow, winding canyons that look like something from another planet. Real cowboys and indians in pueblos and small towns that have such an authentic old west look that they have been the settings of many of your favorite western movies. Old Spanish missions and churches that have served as subjects for artists such as Ansel Adams and Georgia O’Keeffe. Cobalt blue skies filled with colorful hot air balloons and soaring eagles. Thousand-year old Anasazi ruins built in mysterious alignments to the sun and moon and ancient cliff dwellings in rugged canyons. The nostalgia of historic Route 66 and the wide-open vistas of the American southwest.

All this and more are yours to experience and photograph on an educational and adventure-filled 6 night trip through the Land of Enchantment. Your guide, J R Sykes has been exploring the area for 30 years and guiding photographers there for the past 15 years. He is also a licensed balloon pilot and during the October trip that coincides with world’s largest balloon festival he will give you an insider’s perspective on the sport of ballooning and how to create great photographs of the colorful flying icons of Albuquerque.

Tours are limited to 9 participants total including guide/instructors to ensure a personalized experience. Participants are responsible for lodging and transportation and usually do so on a shared basis. Instructors and clients typically share a rental house ensuring a thorough and personalized learning experience. Leave a voice message at 813-641-4470 expressing your interest and we will contact you regarding current pricing and availability. All major credit/debit cards accepted.

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J R Sykes

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