Japan and Korea By. Caleb, lance, and griffin


Japan established a new capital in 710 at Nara.

They created a centralized system of government under a supreme ruler.

In 794 they moved the capital to Heian-kyo.

By the end of the twelfth century, Minamoto Yoritomo set up his power in Tokyo. He created a military power under a general or what they called a shogun.


Early Japan was a farming society in which they grew wet rice with the help of their rainfall. Japan had a lot of farmland they could use.

Manufacturing began in the Kamakura period. Markets were made in large towns, and factories made paper and porcelain.

Trade was made between China and Korea and the goods were carried in carts on boats or by humans. Japan would ship swords and other materials


Japanese people pride themselves on art and architecture


In 109 BC, the northern part of the Korean Peninsula came under the control of China. But in the AD 200's Korea got it back and separated into 3 kingdoms.

The dynasty of Koryo arose in the north of Korea, and when the Monguls defeated them, they accepted their authority and lived on their dynasty.


Buddhism was a big part of their trade among the other Asian countries.

The Silk Road connected Asia and Europe serving as a perfect road for trade within the countries.

Trade grew during the 18th century and was between China and Japan


Korea made a rain gauge, and it helped with their agricultural.

Korea also made a sundial which also helped them tell what time it was.

Korea also made the iron printing press.

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