the doors

The Doors joined the rock scene in 1967. They had a big impact on the social culture at the time period. the band consisted of im Morrison, Ray Manzarek, Robby Krieger, and John Densmore.

The Unknown Soldier was recorded and released in January of 1968. Some other popular songs by The Doors include "Light my fire" and "Roadhouse Blues." The Vietnam War was taking place during this time period and the war is where the Lyrics derived from.

This song really puts the Vietnam War into perspective through an "Unknown Soldier." It doesn't particularly show support for the war since the lyrics depict the "Unknown Soldier" dying during the war. I believe this song is a protest towards the inhumane way kids were forced to throw away their whole lives to fight for their country.

Wait until the war is over, And we're both a little older, The unknown soldier Breakfast where the news is read Television, children fed Unborn living, living dead Bullet strikes the helmet's head.

"Wait until the war is over, and we're both a little older" depicts the Unknown Soldier putting off marriage till after the war with hopes he will make it back. "Breakfast where the news is read Television, children fed." shows how the Vietnam War was a televised war and how children were exposed to the horrors of the war as if it was a casual thing. "The news is read" also could be interpreted as the news being red like the bloody war. "unborn living" suggests that he might of left while his wife is pregnant and 'Living dead" represents him throwing his whole life away having to join the war. "Bullet strikes the helmets head" shows the soldier's death.

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