Scientific Research Ella Thompson-burr, class 5, due: may 16, Genus: Ara

Reproduction- The ability to create offspring

Macaws in love
Graph on nesting attempts

use energy- the ability to do work

Macaws in flight

Dr George Olah: "I am a conservation biologist interested in evolutionary genetics and tropical ecology. I have extensive field experience on psittacines in many Latin-American countries of the Neotropics, and technical skills in modern molecular genetics and statistical modeling. My interest in genetic analyses and my endeavor to preserve biological diversity via well established conservation management found their common niche in conservation genetics and genomics."

Dr. Olah has done copious research about scarlet macaws and their habits with nesting, reproduction, and the eating of clay among many other topics.

Pie Chart on nurtrion for parrots

Grow and develop- to change and mature

Current event spotlight

Annie Hawkinson is a field biologist who is collecting all sorts of measurements that will tell them how much, and how fast, the chicks (macaws) are growing. "have always loved working with animals and working outside. I really enjoy learning how something fits into it’s environment. Over the years that has lead me to pursue a lot of macrobiology, and I particularly love studying evolution and conservation biology." -Annie Hawkinson

growth chart

adapt to the environment- the ability to adapt to your surroundings

macaws eating clay

Spotlight Scientist

My research aims to identify evolutionary responses of aquatic organisms to climatic and other anthropogenic changes and predict species adaptive potential, hence survival, to future changes- Dr Dr Luisa Orsini PhD--School of Biosciences-Lecturer in Biosystems and Climate Change

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