Constructing the Wall

One of the leading controversies over the recent presidential election was border security. Lots of stigma follow the topic because of how some people on both sides portrayed the topic. Regardless of all the fallacies and emotion charges seen in the following video there is a strong foundational need for a wall.

Vastness of Immigration

  • Based on figures published by the federal government an estimated 20 million illegal aliens are currently residing in America.
  • In 2003 it was estimated that 700 thousand people illegally enter America each year. That averages to about 2000 people a day.
  • Current figures produced by private entities estimate a number closer to 40 million illegal aliens.
  • The U.S. civilian workforce included 8 million unauthorized immigrants in 2014

Economic Impacts of Illegal Immigrants

When Illegal Immigrants enter America they start stealing the freedoms of Americans. They do this by taking advantages of our economy at the expense of taxpayers. Some examples of these cost are that the federal government spends $169,000 for students to receive a k-12 education. The requirement for free emergency care has flooded hospitals with pregnant illegals birthing anchor babies. These unpaid medical costs weaken Medicare for future generations, and inflate the cost of health insurance. These costs extend to welfare, prison, border security, etc. In addition to massive expenses the average wage of Americans is deflated by up to an estimated 8%.

Social Impacts

Not all illegal immigrants commit crime, but a large percentage does. Immigration Control claims that last year that 177,960 deported immigrants were convicted criminals. Hispanic gangs are a very common plight is south western American cities, and it results in a lot of crime. In addition drugs are commonly peddled across the border, which ultimately catalysts to crime. A force that is a crime multiplier in America is sanctuary cities, which are Immigrant safe zones. Many of these cities offer criminal protection to Immigrants, and this protection is abused in some cases.

Degradation of Patriotism

The most detrimental impact of illegal immigration is the damage to patriotism. Our society is undergoing radical changes towards political correctness, which require adaptations to these aliens. Some advocate mixing languages, sacrificing our own culture, and making people feel guilty for being American. Being American is a massive gift, and every person that holds the title should feel blessed, and empowered to better the world. By accepting these people, we lose the desire to fix the fundamental causes of immigration.

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