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New Hall of Cryptids video!

Dr. Thylacine’s Cryptozoology Case Files: Yeti History by Freddie Yeti

Who better to give a brief history of the legendary cryptid THE YETI than the Hall of Cryptids’ own Freddie Yeti? From the origins of the name “Abominable Snowman” to recent Yeti evidence, Freddie gives his unique personal take on the mysterious creature. The first from our new series Dr. Thylacine’s Cryptozoology Case Files.

Dr. Thylacine’s Quarantined Cryptids

With the Hall of Cryptids closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. Thylacine, a supposedly extinct Tasmanian wolf and curator of the world’s most renowned cryptozoology museum, reaches out to his mystery creature friends for a video chat. Also Featuring: Saskatoon Sasquatch, Lukewarm Coelacanth, Freddie Yeti, Yukon the beast of Partridge Creek, and a NEW cryptid character - Chico Chupacabra.


A funny cartoon PSA with an important message about social distancing during the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic by Professor Mark Toonery. Cartoonyville.com


Dr. Thylacine’s Hall of Cryptids

An Original Halloween Puppet Play

October 26, 2019, Clanton Public Library

Forced off the road by a treacherous thunderstorm, young Nancy Naysayer seeks shelter in a secluded Southern mansion. Nancy discovers the mansion is a museum called The Hall of Cryptids, run by its curator, Dr. Thylacine (a supposedly extinct Tasmanian wolf). He tells the skeptical Nancy amazing stories about mystery beasts like Bigfoot, modern dinosaurs, and lake monsters. All these creatures come to life with the magic of puppetry along with live actors. The Hall of Cryptids opens minds to the impossible and inspires imagination!

Dr. Thylacine

Discover all things Cryptozoology from the curator of the Hall of Cryptids on the Dr. Thylacine Facebook page.



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Prof. Mark "Toonery" (Smith) is a Freelance Cartoonist and Animation Director based near Atlanta. His animated ads have won three Telly Awards and an Addy for Best Sales Video!

Rather Irregular Productions

Why be normal?

R.I.P. is an independent entertainment studio. A collaboration between Mark S. Smith and Craig Isley. Two life-long friends who first entertained folks with puppet shows as kids. Through the years they created several short film video projects together and just produced an original Halloween puppet play in Clanton, Alabama presented by the Central Alabama Performing Arts Guild that was a huge success!