Newsletter - Wednesday 26th September 2018

Pastors Corner

WIRED – Friday Nights (once per term)

Aim – To create a high impact teen Friday night program that helps build community within our student body outside of school hours.

This year we have started a Friday night youth group program for our Middle School Students ( Yr 7up) that has been received well by our students and their friends.

WIRED Friday night programs run from 7pm -9pm once a term, and is an hour of activities and then an hour of high energy ‘Chapel like’ program that concludes with a café. Our Staff consist of Teachers, Chaplains and Wahroonga & Fox Valley youth.

If you would like to know more about WIRED please make contact with the chaplains or school.

Below is a video link of what students can expect to be involved in when attending a WIRED program.

School Update

The Junior School building works has increased rapidly since our last update. The construction of the roof has taken place with the Level 3 block work nearing completion. Levels 1 and 2 have had installation of cabinetry, carpet and vinyl flooring and pin boards.

UNSW ICAS Competition

Results are now coming through for the UNSW ICAS competitions and we are very proud of our students who have achieved excellent results. The Digital Technology and Science results have been awarded to the students who will be bringing home their results sheets shortly. Our school includes all primary students to sit the papers, most schools tend to only allow their top students to sit the tests. When looking at your child's graph sheet, please remember that the results are only against the students who sit the test, rather than all students across Australia in their grade. Our High School students are given the choice of whether to sit the test.

Digital Technology - The school received the following results:

13 Distinctions, 46 credits and 9 Merit awards - Congratulation to the following students who received Distinctions:

  • Year 3 - Kaitlyn P, David L & Oliver X
  • Year 4 -Eli M, Oliver L & Arabella W
  • Year 5 Annika S & James B
  • Year 6 - Srujana P, Nathan R & Ryan C
  • Year 7 - George I & Charlie L

Science - The school received the following results:

2 High Distinctions, 15 Distinctions, 49 Credits and 17 Merits - Congratulation to the following students who received High Distinctions/Distinctions:

  • Year 2 - Elijah V W (High Dist), Dylan B, Cornelius J, Ollie O, Tiffany L, Caitlin M & Samuel M
  • Year 3 - Oliver X, Thomas C, Kaitlyn P & Nathan S
  • Year 4 - Lilly L, Arabella W & Madeline P
  • Year 5 - Annika S (High Dist) & Kenneth P
  • Year 6 -Nathan R


NAPLAN results have now arrived at school. Years 3 & 5 classroom teachers will have the results available in their classrooms from tomorrow afternoon. Parents can pick them up from their child's home room teachers from this time. If you are unable to pick them up you must email your child's homeroom teacher and give permission for your child to take them home. Years 7 & 9 home room teachers will have your child's results from tomorrow afternoon as well. Year 7 can collect their results from the GLA1 classroom on Level 1 and Year 9 from the Comp Lab on Level 1.

Please note: Results will not be sent home without permission from you. If you are unable to collect the results or if you do not want your child to take them home, we will post them out on Friday afternoon.

School News

Primary School Concert - "Around the world in 80+ minutes"

Thank you to everyone who gave their time to help with our School Concert.

We would like to express our appreciation especially to all the parents that have helped with costumes and props. We would also like to thank class teachers and staff who have put in a lot of time and effort into making the School Concert such a great production and a great night!

Drought Relief Efforts

As of August, all of NSW was declared drought-affected, with some parts of the state not receiving any substantial rain for more than 2 years. It is at times like this where it is amazing to see people step up and help a fellow Australian in need.

We, as a school, are proud to be part of the fundraising efforts for drought affected farmers. Our students have been doing a wonderful job of collecting 5-cent pieces for their class trails which we have already begun constructing. They have also been bringing in bags of dog food; some almost as big as the students themselves!

There is still plenty of time for students to get involved with our fundraising efforts which are not concluding until 26th October when the school will become a mini farm for Agriculture day. All profits raised from this day will be added to our total. More details about Agriculture day will be sent home next term.

Thank you for everyone’s efforts thus far and we are looking forward to seeing you all at Agriculture day!

Haystacks for Hay - Friday, September 28

NSW CIS Primary School Athletics Championships

On Thursday the 13th of September, 6 students represented ASISSA at the CIS Athletics Carnival at Sydney Olympic Park. Well done to the following students for making it to CIS!

Darcy L - High Jump, Alexandra W - Shot Put, Nathanael R - 100m, 200m and Relay, Jude G - 100m and Relay, Cameron K - 200m, Shot Put and Relay, Declan W - Relay

Special mention to Cameron Kueh who qualified for the finals of the 200m with a time of 26.80s, the fastest time for 200m WAS has had! He came 2nd in the finals, an impressive achievement Cameron!

Years 3 - 6 Cricket Gala Day - Monday 24th September

Congratulations to all students involved. They braved the cold weather and had an awesome day. Our Junior boys, Senior girls and boys all finished in 3rd place while our Junior girls took out their comp!

Our students were complimented by parents and umpires on several occasions for their wonderful attitude, perseverance, behaviour and all around sportsmanship throughout the day. You did yourselves and our school proud!

Upcoming Whole School Events

Primary Swimming Program

The Primary swimming program for Years 2-6 will commence on Tuesday 16th October and will run for 8 weeks, the last lesson will be Tuesday 4th December. All clothing and swimming gear will need to have your child’s name clearly written on it. If you have purchased 2nd hand clothing please ensure the previous child’s name has been removed, so clothing can be returned if lost.

Monopoly - Special Ku-ring-gai Edition!!!

Don’t miss out on your Ku-ring-gai edition of Monopoly!! Order your game using the special link below during the pre-sale period (24 September to 2 November) and by nominating Wahroonga Adventist School we will receive a $10 donation per game ordered.

All games ordered this way will be delivered to the school in the week beginning 5 November.

Upcoming Junior School Events

Kindy Orientation

Kindy Orientation will be held on Wednesday 17th October and Thursday 18th October 2018 for children attending Kindy in 2019. Your child will only need to attend 1 of the days, letters will be sent home shortly. There will also be a morning tea held for parents.

Intensive Swimming Program

Our Intensive Swimming Program for Prep - Yr 1 will be held over 2 weeks from Monday 12th November– Friday 23rd November (Mon, Wed, Thu & Fri) excluding Tuesdays.

Please note: This is not compulsory for Prep students. A letter will be sent home for you to complete if you wish for your child to participate.

We will ask for helpers. If you are able to help we will need to have your WWC number and details. Please ensure we have a copy of this (which includes your birth date) at the office so we can confirm your number with The Office of the Children's Guardian.

Middle & Senior School News

Middle School Day of Worship - Thursday 13th September

Middle School students traveled to Hills Adventist College to participate in a Day of Worship. During the day the students had many opportunities to meet with other Middle School students from other Adventist Schools. Highlights of the day included the talk from Pastor Bees, cheese toasties and a morning concert by Endless Praise.

Year 9 Drama Excursion - Wednesday 19th September

On Wednesday, September 19th, the Year 9 Drama class went to see ‘Accidental Death of an Anarchist’ at the Opera House. The play was an adaption of an original work written by Italian, Dario Fo. ‘Accidental Death of an Anarchist’ is based on a true story that occurred in an Italian police station in 1969. The excursion was a part of a drama unit, where students have been learning about acting in comedy.

Amelia M commented, “Going on the excursion, we learnt a lot about how the stock characters from commedia dell arte work in the context of a proper theatre production”.

The excursion was a great experience for the students to see professionals in action. It was a day enjoyed by all involved.

Year 8 History Excursion - Thursday 20th September

Thursday started like every other day with roll call and Bible class, but the day was about to take an amazing historical twist. On the 20th of September Year 8 went to the Kuring-gai Wildflower Garden in St Ives. There, students were given an incredible presentation on medieval life by Medieval Matt. Matt is part of a medieval re-enactment group that is located in Brisbane. He came to Sydney for the St Ives Medieval Fair that ran last weekend, to show and teach schools in the area about Knights, Squires, battles, and the role of noble women in the medieval period. After a very informative role play, students were given the opportunity to get up and try on the armour, dresses and other clothes, students also had a chance to hold and touch swords, spears, axes and jousting sticks. The day was fun filled, all of Year 8 came back to school buzzing. Overall the day was a fantastic, history packed excursion that will never be forgotten!

Written by Amy P

Year 6 Fun Day - Friday 21st September

The Year 6 Fun Day had ice cream, a photo booth and kids got to dress up in what they wanted to be "when I grow up". The fun day was good because it was for all ages and who doesn't like ice cream?! The money is going to Year 6 gift and the Year 6 formal dinner. The main thing was that people had a great day.

Written by Daniel S

Hunter Mountain Bike Championships - Friday 21st September

The inaugural Hunter Schools Mountain Bike Championship took place on Friday the 21st of September at Glenrock Mountain Bike Park in Newcastle. Wahroonga was well represented by Caleb K, Griffin M, Zac J, Andy R, Ethan T and Thomas M. The riders completed multiple laps of a three kilometre track that included technical descents, berms, jumps, rock gardens and a few grueling climbs - a great combination testing both bike skills and physical endurance. The event was a great mix of social participation and competition with a huge range of riders taking part in the race and a great spirit of support and encouragement among the crowd. There were 80 or more riders in each age category from schools across NSW, for many of the riders it was the first ever mountain bike race they had participated in - an excellent achievement. With the possibility of a three race series in 2019 students can look forward to more events like this in future!

NSW CIS High School Athletics Championships - Tuesday 25th September

On the 25th of September, 6 students represented WAS at the NSW Combined Independent Schools Athletics carnival held at Sydney Olympic Park. Our students did outstanding and achieved fantastic results. We are very proud of all of you.

  • Nicholas B - 80m Hurdles - 1st, 200m - 7th, 100m - 10th, Triple Jump - 4th
  • Kanya Y - 100m - 1st, 200m - 2nd, Shot put - 2nd, Long Jump - 3rd
  • Jessica M - 400m - 8th
  • Hamish T - Javelin - 6th
  • Hamish T, Nicholas B, Adamo K, Tyrone R - Boys 12-14yrs Relay - 6th

Mountain Bike Ride - Sunday 23rd September

The second Sunday mountain bike ride for term 3 took place at Manly Dam on September 23rd. The Manly Dam loop was a new location for the group, providing a variety of terrain; from twisting smooth single track to technical rocky descents and features. The students and parents rode the full 13 kilometre loop of the Dam, a great test of endurance! It is always great to see the students (and parents!) improving their fitness and bike skills with each ride. There will be two more rides in term 4, if you are interested in joining the rides please contact Mr. Starrett via email.

T3 Australian Team Reaches Grand Final In Japan!

A huge congratulations to Nicholas B (Year 7) who was one of 12 NSW/VIC players selected by T3 Australia to compete in the football tournament, the Tomsan Cup, in Japan earlier this month. The group competed over 8 days and qualified for the grand final where they played exceptionally well! We are really proud of you Nicholas!!

Please visit the link below to view the article on the event published in the Bush Telegraph...

School Uniform Passes

It is compulsory that all students wear the correct school uniform to school. If students can't wear their full uniform please write them a note which they will need to submit to the School Office to obtain a uniform pass.

Upcoming Middle & Senior School Events

Year 7 Vaccinations - Friday, 19th October

A quick reminder the 2nd dose of the HPV vaccine will be administered to Year 7 students receiving it on Friday, 19th October. If your child is unable to attend school that day please let the Middle School Office know.

Concert on the Green - Monday, 22nd October

Come along and enjoy an evening showcasing some of our talented Middle and Senior School Students as they perform. A great social event - 6.30pm - Level 1 - On the Green!

CSSA State Triathlon - Thursday, 25th October

On Thursday the 25th of October, CSSA will hold a Triathlon for high school students at the Penrith Regatta Centre. This can be completed individually and/or in a team event. For further details, please refer to the permission notes found at the front office next to the sports letterbox. These need to be returned by the end of this week.

  • Junior Girls/Boys (12, 13, 14 yrs) 300 m SWIM 5 km CYCLE 2 km RUN
  • Intermediate Girls/Boys (15, 16 yrs) 300 m SWIM 10 km CYCLE 3 km RUN

Interrelate - Tuesday, 6th November

Our annual Interrelate program for Years 5 & 6 -"Preparing for Puberty", will be held on Tuesday evening, 6th November in the Year 5/6 shared space on Level 3.

  • Year 5 - 6.00pm
  • Year 6 - 7.15pm

It is recommended students attend with a parent of the same gender to facilitate post session discussion.

Year 7 - 2019 Orientation Day - Thursday, 8th November

Our Year 7, 2019 Orientation Day is being held on Thursday 8th November. All current students in Year 6 are expected to attend, all students are to wear their full school uniform. A letter with further details was emailed out earlier this afternoon, if you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact the Middle School Office.

Application for Year 7 Selective High School Placements in 2020

If you would like to apply for a selective high school placement for your child in Year 7 in 2020, please see the link below for further information.

• Applications for Year 7 entry to selective high schools in 2020 must be made online between 9 October 2018 and 12 November 2018. Late applications will not be accepted.

• Parents must apply online via the link below.

• All applicants are required to sit the Selective High School Placement Test to be held on Thursday 14 March, 2019.

Calendar of Upcoming Events

Below is the link to our upcoming calendar events. Just click on the link below to access it.

Library News

Premier’s Reading Challenge

Congratulations to Angad M (Yr 5) who became the 126th WAS student to successfully complete the 2018 Premier’s Reading Challenge before access was closed. Well done to you all! The Premier’s Reading Challenge certificates will be given out late in Term Four, and this year for the first time we will have some Year 9 students receiving their PRC medals.

Students can now start reading for the 2019 challenge, although there will be no access to computer log-ins until early next year so a written record of books read will need to be kept until then.

Last Week of Borrowing for Prep

Borrowing has now finished for our Prep students for this term. Please ensure that all library books are returned to the Library before the end of the week so the Prep boxes can be sorted and changed over during the holidays. Thanking you.

Canteen News

Thank you to all the volunteers that have helped this term!

We would love to hear what you would like on the new summer menu. To have your say please complete the following survey https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/RN76QH2

Look forward to seeing you all in term 4.

Haystacks for Hay - Friday 28th September

Meals with Love

Bits and Pieces

Vacation Care

Please find attached a copy of our vacation care program for the upcoming school holidays in October 2018. We have once again planned a series of exciting programs and activities, our educators at the centre have worked closely with our children by engaging their inputs in the planning of the programs. We are pleased to roll out a mini excursion activity where we will take our children on a “Bush Walk” excursion on Thursday 4 October. To enrol in the program, please

If you did not confirm your child's enrolment for the vacation care program, please contact Sherpa Kids ASAP!

If you have any questions about the program, please do not hesitate to contact us at hurstville@sherpa-kids.com.au

Marian Street Holiday Workshops

Marian Street - The Velveteen Rabbit

Tennis School Holiday Camp

Basketball School Holiday Camp

KU Fox Valley Preschool 50th Anniversary


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