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The historian Mostafa A.H. el-Abbadi in his personal library in Alexandria, Egypt, in 2012. He developed plans to revive the ancient Great Library of Alexandria. Professor Abbadi was a historian of Greco-Roman antiquity and the visionary behind the revival of the Great Library of Alexandria in Egypt.
Bodies of 74 Migrants Wash Up on Libyan Coast. The victims were believed to have come from a shipwrecked boat found along the shore, an ominous sign before the high season for crossings to Europe.
Trump Golf Course Opens in Dubai. President Trump's adult sons, Eric Trump and Donald Trump Jr., attended the opening of the Trump International Golf Club in Dubai.
U.S. Forces Play Crucial Role Against ISIS in Mosul. The American military’s firepower has helped Iraqi forces make notable gains in their push into western Mosul, which remains under the Islamic State’s control.
General Says U.S. Wants to Resume Major Military Exercise With Egypt. The comments were made amid a warming of relations between President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi and President Trump, who has hailed the Egyptian leader as a “fantastic guy.”
Russian Airstrike in Syria Hits U.S. Allies by Mistake. Russian Airstrike in Syria Hits U.S. Allies by Mistake Russian aircraft bombed Syrian Arab fighters being trained by the Americans, officials said. U.S. advisers were about three miles away at the time.
Iraqi Civilians Pay Heavy Price as Attack on ISIS in Mosul Nears Several hundred thousand people are enduring desperate conditions and facing retribution by Islamic State fighters in the western part of the city.
Dubai Plans a Taxi That Skips the Driver, and the Roads Pilotless drones, capable of carrying one passenger and a small suitcase, are set to begin buzzing above the United Arab Emirates city as early as July.
Turkey’s Relations With Europe Sink Amid Quarrel With Netherlands. Turkey’s president accused the Netherlands of “Nazism,” after it barred two Turkish ministers and as a referendum on a new Turkish Constitution looms.
A Shelter for Art Caught in the Crossfire. The Louvre is building a new storehouse for its own collection, and has also offered the space as a safe-haven place for art and antiquities in war zones.


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