The McCarran-Walter Act Alex Gutierrez and Maria Calzadias

  • Democratic, Pat McCarran, headed a senate hunt for communists that were in the movie industry labor unions, and the state departments.
  • The U.N. Senator was convinced that the most disloyal Americans were immigrants from communist dominated parts of the world.
  • In 1952, Congress passed the McCarran-Walter Act which was a law that established a quota system for each country. (a system that limited the immigrants from coming into the US)
  • It discriminated immigrants from Asia, Southern and Eastern Europe.
  • President Truman vetoed this bill calling it ¨one of the most UN-American acts I have ever witnessed in my public career.¨
  • However, Congress passed this bill even though the president vetoed it.
  • It was named after Senator Pat McCarran and Representative Francis Walter
  • It also ended Asian exclusion from immigrating to the United States and introduced a system of preferences based on skill sets and family reunification.
  • As a result, 85 percent of the 154,277 visas available annually were allotted to individuals of northern and western European lineage.
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