McKenzie's Portfolio CU1010

You have to stand out, not just blend in! Be Proactive and not reactive.
Reflective Introduction:

Introduction Reflection

This portfolio was created with much care, and thinking. I really enjoyed this project because it gave me an opportunity to look within myself to find what is going wrong, and what is most important to me. It help me realize my short term and long term goals, help me develop a positive mindset from using my inner guide, helped me develop better study habits, helped me better my time management skill, helped me have a better relationship with my professors, and it also taught me that it is okay to ask for help, its not frowned upon its encouraged.

I also was able to improve my grades as a benefit to this portfolio. Last semester I failed one class and got a D in another, I gave up. It was my first semester as a Clemson student, and I was placed on academic probation. I felt like I let everyone down but most importantly I let myself down. I switched my major in the middle of the semester last semester, which is what kind of led to me giving up, but that is no excuse. There is never a good enough excuse for giving up and not trying your best. I learned that even if your best is not good enough there is always something more to be done to make sure you are successful. I also worked 2 jobs over a 24 hour work week on top of being a full time student and I worked in Spartanburg and Greenville which are both an average of 2-2 ½ hour round trip drives. Even though there are a lot of excuses in this paragraph there is still no excuse for not trying.

So this semester I kicked it in gear, doing everything different. I stopped working at one of my jobs, I actually utilized all the utilities that Clemson has to offer and I was diligent with my work. I meet with my professors almost weekly, and I actually am not afraid to talk to them, where last semester I would have never stepped foot in one of their offices. This semester I made goals; they started very large and general just kind of where I want to end up, which is to be a Real Estate Attorney and a licensed Real Estate agent. Then I realized that even though that goal is awesome it’s going to be hard to attain it right now, so I started making short-term goals. A few of my short term goals include earning back my LIFE scholarship, maintain at least a 3.0, get to know my professors better, start assignments early to minimize stress, and to let loose a little more and not be so uptight.

Some advice I would give to anyone creating this portfolio is to take it exhibit by exhibit and don’t wait until the last minute, this portfolio is very thought based and very heavy on reflections. By staying on top of everything your stress levels will decrease too, because this class is a learning opportunity not only for study skills but also for the way you go about your everyday life and how to make every single day count.

My favorite exhibit is the Time-Management exhibit because I have always been organized and stayed on top of my work I just had some issues balancing work, school, sports, and a social life (basically non-existent) which is very normal for any new incoming freshman or sophomore (Bridge kids). Being held accountable was a big lesson for me, that I am in charge of the way I plan out my days and if something didn’t go the way I planned that its my fault and I needed to figure out ways to fix it.

Overall I loved this assignment and I was able to learn so much about myself and study habits for me to be successful not only in my academic career but in everyday life.

3 Different Inner Voices:

Identifying Three Different Inner Voices

Where it all starts: with us!

Part I

Inner Critic: “I’m going to fail anyways, so why even try?”

• Definition: The Inner Critic is the little devil sitting on your shoulder. Its intention is to make one try to justify failure, but the actual result is self-defeat.

• Identify: I find myself using this mindset every time I take a test or quiz that I am not 100% confident about. If I have any sense of doubt in my mind I talk myself out of doing as well as I should. I will be sitting at my desk just staring at my test/quiz, reading through the questions and racking through my brain trying to find the answers. I go through and try to answer the ones that I know and go back and work on the ones I don’t, but at this point I’m basically starting to give up, I play the blame game as to why I didn’t prepare for this exam, to the point I’m ready to just circle something just to have an answer. “Why didn’t you study this?” “Come on you’ve read this before…” “This is pointless you only know like 5 questions” “We don’t take tests in real life tests are so pointless.” These are the questions that run through my brain while I’m taking my tests/quizzes.

• Revise: In order to change the way I use my Inner Critic voice I need to be less pessimistic. I need to tell myself I can do it and try to look at situations with a positive attitude. I also need to back up what I say and make myself feel more confident by reviewing my material and feeling prepared to take the test.

Inner Defender: “ I would’ve passed the test if my professor actually taught and wasn’t so lazy.”

• Definition: The Inner Defender sets blame on others and do not take responsibility for our actions. It is a very negative connotation, as once the blame is placed on someone other than the source it results in complaining about the other person and the actions they took to help you. The positive intention is fed off of negativity and criticism.

• Identify: This behavior I find myself using more than I’d like to admit. In todays society this is the go to “default” setting for most people, because it takes the blame off of us and places it on someone else, usually of more authority than ourselves. I use this particularly when I get my grades back, “If only they would’ve actually taught this!” or “We never learned anything like this in class, it has nothing to do with the test!” These are all common things I say or think when I get my grades back or even sometimes during my tests/quizzes.

• Revise: In order to direct this negativity toward my inner guide, I need to be responsible for my actions. I should’ve gone to tutoring, I should’ve met with my professors more, I should’ve is the basis for all the answers to taking responsibility. Just being able to recognize that the grades I receive are my responsibility and no one else’s.

Inner Guide: “I made the choice to not study, now I have to fix it for next test.”

• Definition: The Inner Guide does just like its name; it guides the person to see the absolute truth, not a false truth but the real reason for the bad grade or the missed effort. It does not seek to be negative it just seeks to inform of the correct information instead of beating ones self up over a test or placing blame on another.

• Identify: I find myself using my Inner Guide shockingly every test, it will always run through my head, how can I get it right? Could I have done something different that could have resulted with me getting a better grade?

Part II

Reflection:My default setting is my inner defender. I feel as though this is my inner “default” setting because it makes it easier to try to justify the actions that I made. I might have not felt prepared or just got nervous with just the word “exam” so my automatic setting is you’re going to fail. It has such a negative connotation that it makes me embarrassed to say that this is my “default” setting but it is truthful. I would love to be able to just accept my actions without blame to make it easier to accept MY wrongdoings, but it’s easier to just blame the professor. I need to realize that if only I would have gone to tutoring, if I ‘d asked questions, or if I were to actually acknowledge my struggling in the class, it would make it easier on me to accept my failure.

I feel like I will be able to change my “default” setting by taking responsibility for my actions and doing everything I possibly can to feel as prepared as possible for the exam. I can see myself implementing this mindset in the future with success on my exams and actually cutting back at work and using all the tools that are at my disposal for my success. By feeling successful and prepared for exams I feel as though my thought process will change and I wont feel the need to blame, or try to justify, the choices I made and the preparation I used for the exams will be my decisions. I feel as though the difference between this semester and last semester is my mindset as well as my motivation for success.

Procrastination: The one characteristic everyone possesses to some degree.
Time Management:

The Big Picture:

January Monthly Calendar
February Calendar
March Calendar
April Calendar
May Calendar

Weekly Plan:

Weekly Layout of my schoolwork/life

Daily Plan:

Daily To-Do Lists within my calendar
Prioritized List of Things Due
Self-Observation 1/29/17

In todays self-observation I learned a lot about how much school work I do during the day. I know for myself if I don't get work done at school or in the library during the day when I go home the work will not get done. I never went to the library last semester, just for Starbucks haha but not for academics. This semester I feel like I live there! I also headed home for a part of today because I forgot to type the one part to my project, so I had to go home to finish it, as I was planning on doing it in the library. It just shows you that no matter how prepared you think you are for the day, something might not go as you planned and you just have to work around it and make it work, versatility.

Self Observation 1/30/17

In todays Self-Observation 1/30/17 I learned that even though I'm only working 1 day a week, I work on a Thursday which is when a lot of tutoring sessions happen while I'm in Spartanburg coaching. This gives me anxiety as I know what I really should be doing but I know I need to work to keep myself sane at the same time. This makes me realize that I can move the days of my cheer practice around my schedule to work better for academics and my personal life style. But other than working I really do get a lot of work done during the day, being able to stay on top of work does make going to work a little easier.

Self-Observation 1/31/17

In todays, self-observation1/31 I learned that there should be a day the after class you just go home to relax, because you can't be all rallied up all the time, your brain needs a break to just relax, and I did just that. I was able to really see how well my thoughts were able to align when I wasn't thinking about what needed to get done, or stressing about what I haven't done yet.

Overall Reflection

After physically seeing what my time really consists of during the day it kind of scared me at first. I always think that I'm spending more time on schoolwork then I actually am, but actually prioritizing it all out and seeing it in front of me really showed me what is important vs. what really isn't at this point in time in my life. I love working and I love coaching younger girls and being able to change their lives but I cannot risk my academic goals to provide those services. I'm known for getting more than my plate can fill so sometimes (most of the time) I know I am doing too much work and not enough school. It for sure shifted my focus and ever since writing that out I have spent at least 3 hours a day on schoolwork right after class and on homework with tutors or in the library.


Time Wasted vs. Time Spent Wisely

Reflection: My time management skills have increased dramatically compared to last semester. I am focusing as well as writing things down. I keep my notes organized and each classes binder is organized based on the information I need. By using my new way of prioritizing my life I feel way more put together. By writing my daily routine out on paper really changed the way I managed my time. I was able to see how much time I was really spending on school and was able to see if I felt good with the amount or if I didn't feel as if I was spending enough time on school. Seeing the heavy reliance I have on my new planner and my phone planner with alarms (best thing ever) I honestly don't know if I could function without it.

Successful uses of the planner vs. unsuccessful uses of the planner (over 3 week period)

Being proactive vs. negative about situations is all about time-management as well as mindset, as I talked about in the pervious module, this is the best way for me to zone in my mindset to be my Inner Guide. I'm able to see my actions and what I do with my time so I'm not able to blame anyone but myself, but actually being able to see the way you spend your time, changes the way you do things. I would never use a calendar and just tried to rely on my memory on due dates. I honestly could not tell you how I was able to do that, and obviously it wasn't very successful for me last semester. But being able to change dramatically in just a few months is very motivating to me, I work harder and stress less because I know my due dates, and exam dates, and I don't have to rush to do it.

Graph for Quadrants of Amount of Time Spent

After seeing all the quadrants broken down and separated out between the time I used them through a 3 day period. It amazed me at how productive I was on the first and last day but kind of slacked off on the second day. I work and I know that working and having to drive 2 hours there and back is a haul when I can be spending that time on school work, but I have been very productive with delegating my time and efforts to complete my work during the school day and not after work because I know that once I get home I will not want to do anything involving schoolwork.

Goals: At the beginning of this semester I started with two goals and those goals stayed the same throughout this semester. 1) To earn my life scholarship back and maintain a 3.0 GPA. 2) To become more prepared for exams and become successful. Being able to manage my time and figure out what I am spending my time on and just like I had thought I am still spending the majority of my time working for only 2 days a week. After working almost 24 hours a week during my first semester I was able to cut back to 2 days a week and it has dramatically increased my studying techniques. Being able to see the way I spend my time and actually writing it out I was able to really reorganize the way I do schoolwork and focus on what is really important compared to what is not as important.

Studying? More like sleeping and waiting for it to be over!


Quizlet for my Online POSC 199 Class

I love using Quizlet because not only are they flashcards, but you can play games to learn the material as well as take test online with the material. I use Quizlet mainly 1 or 2 days before the test, with heavy emphasis on the day of the test. I love to cram review 30 minutes before a test and Quizlet makes it easier to do just that.

Flash Cards:

Spanish 2010 Flashcards

Each Flashcard is labeled by a color to mean a different type of word, or groups of words or phrases to memorize. As well as the different math formulas and different types of functions below. I use the flashcards every night, when I get the material I then put them on to flashcards, which then I am able to review quickly and easily every night, 1 week before the test.

Math 1020 Flashcards

By using these last minute reminder flashcards right before my test it really just helps to let me focus in on the concepts that the exam will focus on. I write only the main equations or the words with their definition in hopes of triggering a last minute memory when the problem comes in the exam. It doesn't freak me out because I have been practicing with this material for so long now that it just seems like second nature when flipping through the flashcards.


I use worksheet given by my professor to try to act as a test.

By using worksheets given to me my my professors I am able to simulate a testing environment on a certain skill. By doing this I am able to be less stressed out about the section and I am able to focus and really learn the one section at a time, just like in a test you need to be confident so my Inner Critic mindset doesn't come out. By doing the self-tests I am able to feel more confident in the certain sections on the exam to make it easier to take the test so I'm able to use my Inner Guide mindset. I do the self- testing every class day, after every section is taught I get a worksheet from my professor to practice with so every other day during the 1-2 week period between exams.


Math 1020 Fall 2016 Exam #1
Math 1020 Spring 2017 Exam #1

I was heavily reliant on flash cards and self-testing for my Math1020 exam this semester.

After having more than half of my second semester done I feel as if my first semester was a struggle to find my balance between work and school. At the start of the second semester I cut back on one of my jobs completely and was able to work 3 days out of the week until April 20th at my other job. After using study tips I have been able to narrow down which techniques can be used for each of my subjects. I know that for math and spanish I use the ASC tutors as well as flashcards. For all of my classes I use my 5 day test plan, this is my favorite technique because I am able to use and see every chapter and idea on the next exam.

After practicing and using these study techniques I have been able to implement these study techniques into all of my other subjects. I am able to separate flash cards into piles with what I know, what I am unsure about, and what I have no idea about, then I am able to narrow down what needs to be refreshed in my brain and those piles are constantly changing day by day up to the test. I study with Quizlet 1 week before the exam at least once a day usually right before I go to bed. I use flashcards from the second I learn the material right up until the test, separating the material into 3 different piles and color coordinating them by chapter. I use the self testing 3 days before the test, I create a practice exam then practice it everyday after reviewing the main ideas of the chapters. I love the 5 day test plan as well! I create and separate the material that will be on the exam I love these three study techniques and I use almost every single technique for every single class I have.

Tests = Anxiety
Self Designed Exhibit-Work Less, Learn More:

The difference not working can make!

Dress Up Greenville Work Schedule for October 2016 (working over 24 hours a week)

Working all the time and school work is not the easiest thing in the world, especially when its your first semester at Clemson University.

Math 1020 Exam #1 from Fall 2016

The test above is an example of the grades I was making last semester, as I also worked almost 24 hours a week in downtown Greenville. Balancing work and school is no easy task especially for a money hungry college girl. After the Fall 2016 semester, I was placed on Academic Probation with my GPA being 1.57. I cried when I found out my GPA and how poorly I did at my first semester at Clemson, I was a Bridge student last year and I was very motivated to achieve my goals as my first semester on "Big Clemson's" campus. But working and driving and balancing school is no easy task. I can never say no, thats my biggest flaw.

So after kicking my rear-end in gear for this semester I cut back working at Dress Up in downtown Greenville as of January 2017, and really focused on my studies. No more low points in my GPA again. I failed Math 1020 in the Fall 2016 semester, so after using academic forgiveness my GPA went back up to a 2.2. So based on the new motivation to being able to graduate again, I needed to make sure I passed the same class this Spring 2017 semester with a B or Higher.

Math 1020 Exam #1 Spring 2017

The picture above is the Exam 1 from Math 1020 from this semester, going from scoring a 42% on the first semesters test to scoring a 72% is a 3 letter grade increase! Getting a C on this exam makes me so excited for the future of this semester as I didn't get higher than a 65% on any exam last semester, it gives me hope!

Graph of the increase my Math1020 Grade made between cutting work out of the equation

Overall cutting work back and completely dedicating my time to my studies has made everything easier for me. I am less stressed and more impressed with myself day in and day out. I become more and more motivated to be successful and being more involved in my school and sorority. I am able to motivate myself and using all the tools at my disposal has been the best thing I've done since coming to Clemson. I've been able to use the help of my professors as well, I used to have the biggest fear of talking to my professors or even the fear of telling them that I am struggling but they are there to help me and they aren't there to judge me. No stupid question is my new motto.

Graph for Amount of Time Traveling vs. Amount of Time Studying for 1st semester

In the above graph I broke down the travel time and the amount of time I actually spend studying for my exams first semester and this obviously is one of the major reasons I did so poorly. I also is a huge wake-up call to someone who has never gotten anything less than a C before in my life, panic sets in and motivation becomes clear. As much as I wish I could've preformed better last semester it also taught me a lot of life lessons. I have to work for what I want its not just going to be handed to me.

Post-Test Analysis + Office Hours Visit

Post Test Analysis + Office Hours Visit

Email proof of the Meeting Time (Also for Professor Interview)

I was able to schedule an appointment with one of my favorite professors, Dr. Aaron Tannenbaum, this is one of my toughest classes this semester International Relations. This is my first Political Science required class that I was taking since switching into the major. This class is very book heavy with readings and writing materials, there are weekly response papers that are graded very harshly as well as exams were the majority of the exam is based on the essay.

This past exam I was very confident in when I submitted the written portion because I knew that I have the most about of words and that I had developed the subject as well as included supporting details. I thought I had at least earned a B! Then I get the grade back and its a D! I really just wanted to curl up and cry, but I didn't I wanted to learn what specifically he is looking for to hopefully improve my test taking skills.

Breakdown of my last International Relations Exam

New Plan Of Attack

With a new motivation to do well in this class Dr. Tannenbaum and I have created my go to list for studying and being successful in his class! First is to review the material we learned in class from the PowerPoints, just reading them over and selecting the things that jump out to me. Second is to read through the required readings and piece together and connect the dots really, really being able to understand the concept or the idea and how it developed and if the problem still exists today. Third is to meet with a classmate outside of class to just have a conversation with, just talk politics, global politics. Going over things we went over in class and get another persons perspective on the matter. And Finally is to review all the Weekly Response Papers, most of the time all of the exam essay prompts are pulled from the weekly response papers.

Final Reflection

This activity has certainly gotten me out of my comfort zone for sure. I would have never gone to ask the professor for advice on how to take their tests after doing poorly on one exam, to me thats weakness. I also learned that the professors are there to help you and if you go to them and actually get to know them they are really cool people and are more than just a person lecturing at you for an hour and a half every other day. Dr. Tannenbaum was very helpful and he pulled up my exam and went through every sentence of my essay and asked me questions on whether I really knew what I was talking about. We were able to come to the conclusion that I do know what is going on I just need to get to the point a lot faster and not worry about so much fluff. This experience really opened my eyes to how helpful professors are if you just go to them. I was able to completely revamp the way I study to specifically be prepared for his exams.

Professor Interview

I chose to interview Professor Robison because I struggle the most in her class, and I also have been meeting with her weekly for tutoring sessions. I really wanted to get to know her better and develop a stronger bond than just a student teacher ratio, she is very passionate about what she does and it helps that she is very helpful to her students.

Notes from Interview

Questions Included:

Where did you grow up?

She grew up in a tiny town called Augusta, Illinois where the population was about 900 people which she says now is around 500-600 people.

What made you want to become a Spanish professor?

Her experience when she studied abroad to Costa Rica during her Masters degree, she got to live with a family and even through graduate school and even during her career as an archeologist she kept up with her spanish and was able to be apart of a program where she can Skype with different people from spanish speaking countries to keep up with her spanish.

When did you start speaking Spanish?

She started in college after going to study abroad in Costa Rica during her graduate school.

Do you have any kids?

She does not have any kids but she says nature is her kids, she loves to feed the wild birds outside of her house. Her favorite bird is a Cardinal and Nuthatch.

What brought you to Clemson?

Her husbands job brought them to Clemson, they met in graduate school while in Illinois.

Where did you get your degree(s) and what are they?

She received a BA in archeology from Lawrence University in Wisconsin. Then went back to school and received a Masters from Southern Illinois University. She then went to study spanish at UGA, and now has a masters in Spanish and received her education certificate to begin teaching.

What are some of your hobbies?

She loves the outdoors, camping once a year with her husband and friends, she enjoys gardening and is apart of the Clemson community garden where she grows fruits and veggies, her favorite is tomatoes. She is now on a all veggie diet due to high cholesterol so she mainly only eats veggies, rice, and lots of beans. She only has salmon for protein every once and a while but not often.

If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go?

She would go to India because she is apart of a program at Clemson that allows staff and exchange students to interact and become basically a friendly face around campus. She was mainly paired with partners from India, and hearing the stories of the rich culture as well as being in such an influential atmosphere would be an amazing opportunity.


I really enjoyed this exhibit because it gave me a chance to learn more about my professor outside of the classroom. Mrs. Robinson actually has ancestors who started and names Augusta Ga. And she grew up in Augusta Illinois, which is named after the city in Georgia. She actually has masters in archeology, but she said it is very tough to make it a consistent career in that field without a PhD so when the opportunity presented itself to move to Clemson SC her and her husband jumped at the opportunity. Her husband is actually a professor at Clemson as well he teaches, Archeology. Her first 3 years at Clemson she actually worked in the Architecture library and she enjoyed it.

I really enjoyed getting to know her on a more personal level and I have a different out look on her class now. Being able to ask her personal questions makes me respect her more than just a professor of a class to me, she is a very kind and successful professor with a love to help students and open their minds to learning new and different ideas.

Values Based Goals Setting
My Very Important To Me Column (Round 1)
My Important To Me Column (Round 1)
My Not Important To Me Column

Round 1 Reflection

After dividing out all the items that are important and not important to me I was very nervous. These kind of activities always scare me because I feel like if I select the wrong thing then I'm not really being true to myself or if I just select the one thing because I'm scared of what people will think if I didn't choose that specific one. There were a lot of categories to fill but I was surprised with how many I had in the "Not important to me" column. I had to make a decision on what "Very Important to me" meant as well as "Important to me". There had to be a difference, so I divided it up as such: "Very Important to me" are things or people that I cannot live without, and "Important to me" are things or people that I can tolerate but don't want to completely cross them off my list just yet, as in they play an active roll in my life. Kind of like wants and needs.

My Very Important To Me Column (Round 2)
My Important To Me Column (Round 2)

Round 2 Reflection

This round got pretty stressful going from all of my categories that I was so confident with to having to narrow it down yet again. It's kind of like life though, you can't get comfortable with something because you know its going to change soon or that something so fun and true couldn't possibly be true or make you happy. But it does in the long run! This round also took one of the longest amount of time for me because I pretty much knew after she told us to narrow it down one time I knew we were going to have to just choose one. Being set up for that mindset I was able to pretty easily choose my very important to me and it surprised me how hard it was for me to narrow down my important to me column when in hindsight that column really didn't even matter in the long run because 9 times out of 10 you'll end up choosing your number 1 most important to you from the very important to me column.

Final Reflection/ My Number 1 Pick

My number one pick is Family. This has always been what I have driven every decision I make happens with this in mind. I am very family oriented and this decision was the easiest for me to make. Being supported by my loved ones and knowing that they have my back at all times for when I'm upset and don't know what to do or to praise me for doing something great. My short term goal ties into my number one quality that is most important to me because my family helps and supports me so much in everything I do, so it not that challenging for me to help them to get this scholarship to help with paying for college. My long term goal ties into my number one quality

SMART Goal Sheet

Short Term Goal

To earn back my LIFE Scholarship back by the end of the summer semester! After tanking my GPA last semester it has given me a whole new perspective on how to strive for my goal. I never knew how helpful something could be until I lost it. I have been working really hard this semester and staying on top of my studies as well as working with my professor and utilizing all the resources available to me. I am also planning on taking summer classes to get ahead of the game for next semester!

Long Term Goal

I want to live a successful and happy life. I plan on becoming a licensed Real Estate Agent and after graduating from Clemson with my degree in Political Science with a Legal Studies minor I plan on attending UGA or Charleston Law School to pursue my dream of becoming a Real Estate Attorney. Life time goals are scary but if you put your mind to it and really and truly mean it with all your heart there is nothing there to stop you but yourself.

Self-Design Exhibit: Life in a Planner

Organization scares a lot of people but to me it is very relaxing. It offers a since that everything is in the right places and it is either color coordinated or in some sort of order based on the item or idea. I usually have always used my planner in my phone to map out my daily schedule:

Method 1: Cell Phone Calendar

Screenshot from Iphone Calendar 3/27/17

This is by far my favorite way to document what I have going on that day because yes its always nice to write things down but my phone gives me alerts when I set it to to let me know when to leave or when to start and assignment or when my next up coming thing is.

Method 2: Work/ Sorority Calendar (in conjunction with the school calendar below)

Work/ Sorority Calendar
Work Calendar

I have to have 2 separate calendars for work/ sorority events and school because I try to be as through as possible when writing what I have to do that day and I just run out of space on one calendar.

Method 3: School Calendar

School Calendar
School Calendar
Productivity between phone and paper calendars

Reflection: Is almost bad for me to say but I am 3 times more productive with using my iPhone Calendar than I am when I write all of my assignments and to do items for the day down. I believe its because of the pure notification aspect of the iPhone, and the fact that everyone is always on their phone or always have it close by so being reminded that I have something coming up is always a nice thing. I'm not forgetful but I do have my moments when it comes to checking my paper calendars and just purely of the fact that I don't always carry them with me. I have always has all of my classes and work schedule in my phone and it acts as my alarm in the mornings too waking me up with 1 hour before my class starting. Theres endless possibilities to remembering what assignments are due and when they are but for me I am very organized and successful with the iPhone calendar with notifications.


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