#THE LAST ICE welcome to a one-of-a-kind adventure exploring the last ice in the arctic sea, from canada to the north pole

The Last Ice is an ambitious project of exploration, adventure and science connecting the 3 continents in the northern hemisphere with the Geographic North Pole.

The Last Ice is an ambitious project of exploration, adventure and science on the last frozen lakes of the northern hemisphere. A team of 3 athletes with vast experience in extreme environments will study and document the impact of global warming while traversing the main sweet water lakes in Canada, Russia and Siberia, and finishing in the North Pole in May 2018.

4 expeditions | 3 continents | 3 Athletes | 3 Months | 1 Planet

From February to April 2018 we will traverse the most significant frozen lakes in the 3 continents to document the impact of global warming on the ice:

  • EUROPE: ONEGA LAKE (Russia) – 62ºN
  • ASIA: BAIKAL LAKE (Russia) – 55ºN
  • NORTH POLE: Arctic Ocean– 90ºN


March 2018The sacred lake of the Dene people, the tribe which accompanied the early explorers searching for the Northwest passage.

  • The sacred lake of the Dene people, the tribe which accompanied the early explorers searching for the Northwest passage.
  • The Great Slave lake is located in Canada's Northwest Territory province.
  • It is the tenth largest lake in the world and the deepest in North America.
  • It is 480Km long and over 100 Km wide, with an area of 27,200Km2.



  • The Onega Lake is the second largest lake in the European continent.
  • The largest one is LADOGA but it is not freezing because the temperatures rise in Winter.
  • The lake has an area of 9,894Km2 and is 245Km long and 92Km wide.
  • There are more than 1,650 islands in the lake.


TBC 2019

  • Lake Baikal is the deepest lake in the world, it is over 1,640 meters deep, with exceptionally clear waters.
  • Located in Siberia, it contains the 20% of the sweet water on Earth.
  • The lake is 636 Km long and 79 Km wide, with a resultant area of 23,615 Km2.


TBC 2019

  • The North Pole is the most boreal place on Earth.
  • We will depart from Barneo, a temporary Russian scientific base on the Arctic ocean, to the exact 90 degree co-ordinate of the North Pole.
  • The surface of the ice is constantly moving opposite to our direction of travel.
  • The expected ice thickness ranges from 5 cm to 3 meters.

Having achieved the highlight of this project (namely reaching the North Pole), our colleague Albert Bosch will have become one of the few human beings to have reached the 3 epic Poles on Earth: the South Pole, the North Pole and Mount Everest. Our team aims to complete this project by the end of April 2018.

Besides this project’s value in terms of its sport and environmental awareness aspects, it is also certain to attract widespread media coverage. Albert Bosch will have achieved his personal goal of reaching the North Pole – in addition to having summited Mount Everest on the 17th of May 2010, and ending his solo voyage to the South Pole on the 4th of January 2012 – after having successfully travelled the whole of Antarctica and, hence, spent forty-eight days in complete isolation.

Albert Bosh at the South Pole after more than 1,150Km and 67 days of solo traverse

The primary objective behind “The Last Ice” is to take full advantage of the rare opportunity to be in close contact with one of the purest and most delicate regions on Earth. By doing so, this project is seeking to provide a fresh account of the consequences of global warming as well as to inform and raise awareness about the importance of biodiversity and the varied threats these areas are currently experiencing, and how these threats are ultimately affecting the health and well-being of mankind.

Working together with TERNUA testing their sustainable gear in extreme conditions

Albert Bosch - Pako Crestas - Pepe Ivars

Beyond their own motivations, the members of the group understand that this work must transcend the limits of the project and their personal goals. They have overcome numerous challenges, they have often faced death and have successfully managed highly risk situations. Hence, they have nothing to prove, but a great deal to share. They feel responsible to put their experience to good use and, therefore, are committed to showing the world the problems of an overburdened planet, and the opportunities we have to ease it. We hope to empower the global population to act in favour of the best possible future for Earth and, consequently, the forthcoming generations.


Albert Bosch is an individual with a long-established trajectory as an adventurer, entrepreneur and writer.

Amongst his many adventures, the following should be highlighted: his solo expedition to the whole of the Antarctica from the coast to the South Pole (1,152 Km); the “7 Summits” Project”, where he climbed the highest peaks in each continent, where Mount Everest was the final destination; nine Dakars (two completed by motorcycle and seven by car), where he became in 2015 the first pilot to ever end the race using a fully electric car; his participation in several Ultra Marathons and over one hundred other races and extreme sports challenges.


Pako Crestas is a forty-seven year old alpinist established at El Garraf (Spain) who has over thirty years of mountain experience.

He is also a well-established writer, with thirty-eight publications under his belt including single and co-authored books, reports (over 150) and has taken part in over 200 conferences.

It should also be noted that he has been in nearly two hundred occasions the first man to ever access certain slopes, whether rock, ice, snow or a mixture of all these, some of which were in virgin territory. These include thousands of ascents to the Spanish Pyrenees, Montserrat, Montsec, Central Mountain Range, Sierra Nevada, the Alps, Dolomites Mountain Range (Italy), Etna (Sicily), Ben Nevis (Scotland), four different ascents to the Mount Elbrus (Caucasus Mountains), Canadian Rockies, Appalachian Mountains, Valdez Mountain (Alaska), Mount Damavand (Iran), Solo Khumbu (the Himalayas), Cordillera Real (Bolivia), Mendoza Andes (Aconcagua, Argentina) and Cerro Marmolejo (Chile). He has also been to Corsica, Greece, Jordan, Kyrgyzstan (Central Asia), Quebec, Colorado, Mexico and Patagonia.


Pepe Ivars is an outstanding alpinist completely familiar with many mountain disciplines such as rock, ice and mixed climbing, as well as long distance mountain races and expeditions. He was born in Denia (Spain) and has been living in London since 2001.

For the past twenty-years he has successfully combined his job with his passion for the mountaineering. He has taken part in several adventures and expeditions in far-off and isolated regions such as Pakistan, Russia and Nepal. Along these lines, it should be mentioned that he was one of the few alpinist to finalise the ascent to the Ama Dablam (Nepal) in the 2015 mountain season.

Besides expeditions and climbing projects, he is a regular participant in mountain races as well as cycling ones, activities which help him to be in a prime physical condition.

Finally, it should be mentioned at this stage that he has received the British Mountain Leader Award and belongs to the highly prestigious Alpine Club.

An experienced and professional team

The team, hence, possesses the required experience to organise and execute major adventure expeditions and projects such as this. Their experience and past successes are indicative of another successful expedition to come, implying a return of all financial investments, positive visibility in the media, and a positive impact on the development of the reputations of companies involved in the project.

be part of this project
A once-in-a-life-time opportunity

This is an ambitious yet realistic project focused on obtaining highly specific results, where the resources are managed in the most efficient manner in order to fulfil both its own main objectives as well as those from the collaborating sponsors.

Promotional marketing equipment and communication company assigned to this project


In order to obtain further information as to how to sponsor this fascinating and unique adventure, please contact us and we will send you a complete information pack with the different sponsorship opportunities.

Pepe Ivars (UK) + 44.780.88.44.566 pepe@pepeivars.com

Albert Bosch (ES) +34 648 52 77 47 albert@albertbosch.info

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