Vocabulary lesson 4

Circumference:the circle circumference is 3.

Circumnavigate:I will circumscribe

Circumspect:the circumspect is what?

Circumstance:it depends on circumstance you are in

Circumvent:to avoid

Compassion:the ambulance shows compassion for others

Composure:the military keeps there composure for the team

Encounter:the cat encounters the big dog


Created with images by Dr Noah Lott - "Vocabulary - Words Are Important" • Patrick Hoesly - "iPhone Wallpaper - Old Blue Paint" • menu4340 - "Hamilton Square And The Victoria Monument" • Joe Crawford (artlung) - "Colbie is circumspect." • symphony of love - "Zig Ziglar The choice to have a great attitude is something nobody or no circumstance can take from you" • ellesmelle - "hi, you are my public defender for a shoplifting case" • Patrick Doheny - "Compassion" • US Army Africa - "Staff Sgt. Conrad Begaye earns Silver Star for charging into face of enemy during ambush in Afghanistan - Vicenza, Italy - United States Army Africa - SETAF - 090630" • creisi - "cat young dog" • Street matt - "Free hugs"

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