K9 Solutions Australia are proud to be hosting 2x World Champion and legendary dog trainer Ivan Balabanov in early December 2019. After many years of travelling the world through his globally-acclaimed workshops, Ivan is bringing his philosophy and its proven success to Australia for an exclusive one-off seminar. You will not want to miss this.

At K9 Solutions Australia, we think the future of dog training and superior outcomes are intrinsically linked with quality education. There is no better person to teach modern dog training than Ivan Balabanov, International Dog Federation World Champion, Belgian Shepherd World Federation World Champion, seven-time American Working Dog Federation National Champion, five-time American Working Malinois Association National Champion, United Schutzhund Clubs of America German Shepperd National Champion, the list goes on....17 national/world level championships in total. Nuff said.

We can't wait to learn from this living legend. Ivan is one of the world's premier dog trainers and his expertise and services are highly sought after throughout the world. His patient style of teaching, experience, knowledge and credentials have made him one of the most sought after coach of dog trainers in the world. This seminar is the only appearance Ivan will be making in Australia, with a return visit unknown, so we appreciate the magnitude of the occasion and are very thankful he took us up on our offer.

There is no doubt that Ivan is one of the driving forces in modern dog training around the globe, with over 1000 seminars and workshops conducted in more than twenty five countries, including the United States, Canada, Germany, Sweden, Finland, Switzerland, Greece, Italy, Czech Republic, Belgium, England, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Australia, Canada, South Korea, Hong Kong, Columbia, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Venezuela and South Africa. We are honoured that someone with such high calibre and incredible talent accepted our invitation to fly to the other side of the planet to help bring out the best in Australian dog trainers.

Just like K9 Solutions Australia, Ivan's methods are different....we love that. Different methods encourage growth and learning and ensure continuous improvement. Ivan has trained pets, sport dogs, service dogs, police dogs and military dogs. He as trained dogs for detection, SAR, companions, IGP, IPO, Mondio ring, french ring, tracking, personal protection and police and military work.

Not only is Ivan a master trainer, he also founded the very well known and highly respected Kennel Ot Vitosha Malinois [Ot Vitosha is the name of a mountain near his childhood city - Ed.], which has consistanly produced podium winners at both Nationals and Championships.

Tracking - Ivan is one of the premier tracking trainers in the world. He has won world championships and has had many people send their dogs to him to be trained to this level. He has a different system to most as well which teaches dogs to self discover that concentrated tracking produces results.

Control of a high drive dog - Ivan has trained extremely high drive dogs to compete in several different disciplines. He also has a significant amount of experience training with Police and Military. He is nothing short of a master at teaching control with competing motivators to high drive dogs.

New skills and problem solving - Ivan is known to identify the deep seeded cause of problem behaviours and rectify those behaviours where many other would not even try. He is a master trainer.

by Ivan Balabanov

Malinois Ot Vitosha is a highly respected name around the world, and there is a reason for it! Ot Vitosha are the only American bred and trained dogs (of any breed) to ever hold the title of World Champion! In fact, we have done it not once, but twice! This kind of success doesn’t just happen overnight by chance.

My Malinois are not a hobby, they are my life and addiction, this is all I do, so yes I am a professional. Since 1989, I have been very successful breeding Belgian Malinois under the name Ot Vitosha, with a clear goal to maintain a certain type of Malinois – fearless dog, with perfect working ethic and health but most importantly an excellent family dog!

My objective for almost 30 years has been to breed the best Belgian Malinois...in the world. As a breeder of Belgian Malinois, I always had a goal to test my dogs against the best Malinois in the world and the best of any other breed. Dominating dog competitions for over 20+ years is my statement to you. It is a fact that many of the working Malinois kennels in the USA have strong Ot Vitosha line pedigrees, but ultimately there is only one Ot Vitosha kennel.

Year after year our Malinois compete and win against the best in the country and the world. If you browse through my dogs’ individual pages, you will find pedigrees, videos and information on my current breeding dogs as well as some of the legendary dogs that put their stamp on my line of dogs. I invite you to look at my accomplishments and see for yourself why we are known in the dog world as the breeder of World Champion Malinois.

It was in Bulgaria, where Ivan was born, that he first developed his love for dogs and training. Bringing home stray dogs, much to the disapproval of his parents, he developed a burning desire and inspiration to prove not only to himself but to the world what magnificent creatures they are. He found early success in Europe before coming to the US to further his dream. Ivan quickly became a household name as a result of his enviable talent in working with dogs, and accumulated countless accolades, accreditations, championships, and a global following.

K9 Solutions Australia is a joint venture created, owned and operated by Ben Geurts and Jason Kelly. On offer is a wide spectrum of experience and the most comprehensive knowledge base of current operational working dog practices in Australia. Certified military accredited trainers, up to date and innovative training methods and comprehensive knowledge, we are able to provide a first class service by those at the highest level in the field. We specialise in providing high quality working dog training services to military and law enforcement organisations.

Don’t miss out on this exclusive and rare opportunity. Send us an e-mail at k9solutionsaustralia@outlook.com if you have any questions. Old fashioned phone calls work too, so if you prefer to speak with someone directly, give us a call on 0411 229 149. If you don't get an answer immediately, we may be knee deep in dogs, so we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Spaces are limited, so register now to secure your position. Working spots will be preselected. Register via email at k9solutionsaustralia@outlook.com. Registrations close 18 November 2019.

Payment for participation via bank account. Bank details given upon participation approval via email. Payments are to be finalised by no later than 18 November 2019.

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