Character Sketch Alex Masterson-fOster

Whenever Grace walked into a room it was as if someone had flipped a switch, and turned on the light. She lit up the room, there was just something about her presence. Ever since she was young, people had loved everything about her. The best way to define Grace was exactly that, her name.

She was grace and she was beauty. Some people had told her that her hair was the best thing about her. It was the colour of a wheat field in the summer and was cut just above her waist with lots of curls.

Others had told her that her eyes were her best feature. They were big and green, the colour of moss.

She was tall and thin, and she walked with elegance. They way she walked flowed like a stream in the springtime.

Grace had always loved animals, it was like she had a special connection with them. The best connection she had though, was with horses. When she was young she was drawn to the beautiful, strong creatures. She was drawn to them the way that bees are drawn to flowers.

Grace lived with her grandparents, on a little farm in a little town. They had a big red barn with lots of horses. Grace rode them everyday. The horse she loved most was, a big brown and white paint.

She was named Buttercup. Her most noticeable feature was her one blue eye and one brown. Buttercup was Grace’s other half, she was the peanut butter to her jelly.

Grace had always been good looking, intelligent, and kind. But she had always felt something was missing, that is until Buttercup came into her life. Thanks to the special horse, Grace was complete.

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