Cisco's Digital Imaging Highlights Mr. Mazur, Period 1

The first picture was a unique project I did this year that was given my Mr. Mazur that I enjoyed doing. The second photo is a photo I took when I went to Lake Tahoe with my family. I then went to class the next Monday and started messing around with this photo. I decided to make this photo look like it was painted, and the result is beautiful in my eyes.

I created this image to have some humor with famous rappers on the left, middle, and right, and little children in the background. I thought it would be a cool, and funny picture that shows that these rappers look tough but are soft because of the children. There could be many interpretations but this is how I interpret it.

This photo was probably one of the most challenging ones because this image needed at least 12 layers, and I succeeded with 13 layers. This image was just my imagination of what an major dam would look like in an busy city. You would have lightning, helicopters, a red moon, and a kid onto of the dam screaming his head off.

This project was probably one of the coolest because it was one of the first projects of the year, and I was just getting used to all the tools in the software. I was pretty amazed on what can be accomplished in such a little time, and because of that I really enjoyed making photoshop images.

Mr. Fuzzington was the most interesting, entertaining, and frustrating images this year. I wanted to be funny and make him a Mexican wiener dog, with a Cerveza, hat, and guitar to serenade to his loved ones. The frustrating part of this project was trying to fit that hat onto of his head because it kept on covering up his eyes and it just looked weird, so I just left it to the side.

One of my personal favorites, visually; of them all, the X-Men Cover! This project took me forever to accomplish because of all the different colors, characters, and textures but at the end the piece looked amazing!

Both of these photos are cartoons tracing we did at the end of the 1st semester. Both of these images are very unique, and challenging to make but the end result is pretty cool, and they some what match the original images.

These patriotic images are ones I created on the side of all the projects in Digital Imaging Class. I created these images for my Government Class, and I was trying to present myself as a brave and loyal american who can protect America and its districts in California.


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