Farm country Walk Marchissy and longirod fields and farmlands

Starting point - Chemin Magnin above Marchissy

Your view as you start your walk!

I began this approximately hour long walk just after 6 p.m.. It made an ideal evening stroll.

Hemlock - Beautiful but deadly. An infusion of it is said to have killed Socrates

Inviting shaded pathway

The evening light illuminates the greens of spring.

An ideal running path!

When you come to this three way intersection, take the small path leading up through the forest

Walking through the lovely shade, I hear cowbells ahead of me!

Cows and Mont Blanc views
Turn right down the main road in the center of the village. At the three-way intersection walk straight across and head down the small country road.
Woolly Pig - The Mangalica
The Woolly Pig (Cochon Laineux) originated in the old Austro-Hungarian empire where the breed was known as the Mangalitsa. Known for producing high quality bacon, at one time it was the most popular breed in Switzerland.

Continue through verdant farmlands towards Marchissy.

Red barns and green fields

Geranium pyrenaicum, I believe - Hedgerow Cranesbill

Stand back human, we cats are self-isolating.

Before you reach your car, you can stock up on fresh eggs and milk from this farmer!

And support Swiss agriculture

Before you arrive back at the starting point

The Full Route - Starting at Chemin Magnin - Approx 4 km