Photoshop Portfolio Jenna Novak

Artistic Collage:

My inspiration for this piece was looking through old pictures of mine and realized that those memories were all still there. Some of the memories were good things that I wanted to remember and some of them brought back sad memories, so I decided to make a piece about that topic.

The meaning of this art piece is a women who is looking back at pictures that include memories of a loved one who had passed away. She is sad about the memories with the person that she will never see again, but she also realizes that the memories that she has with the person never goes away.

I used the typography in this which was the "Memories never fade." I used a blending tool to make the letters look like they were fading because it says that memories never fade- so it is kind of a play on words. I found a picture of a women who looked sad and made the picture look cartoonish because it defines her features. I also put a texture over the whole picture to make it seem like a book, and as one page turns another one opens.


Creative Collage:

The inspiration for this piece is when I was scrolling through twitter, I saw a letter someone wrote to their mother who had passed away. I decided to make a piece because of it so that

The meaning of this collage was that a mother or loved one was out of the picture. The person wrote this letter thanking that person for them being around. This was meant to be a goodbye to a loved one.

I made a heart because it is obvious that the person loved the person who died. I put the lighting in because they were hurt and storms represent them hurting. I had the birds in because the black birds kinda represent someone dying. A white bird represents a wedding or something happy so I felt that a black bird would represent death.


Creative Collage:

My inspiration for this piece was watching the olympics and seeing everyone's dreams come true. Also, I realized that these people have wanted to be an olympian since they were a little kid.

The meaning of this was a person winning an olympic gold medal and having all their dreams come true. They wanted to be a gold medalist since they were a child and this shows what they worked so hard for.

I used an Olympic gold medalist because they accomplished what they were wishing for and then overladed a US flag because that is the country that they are competing for. I put the writing on the top because that was the reason for them wanting to compete in the Olympics


CD Cover:

My inspiration for the cover of this CD was listening to the songs on the album. The songs were very upbeat, but had a sad or gloomy meaning to it. I decided to make the cover look sad/ gloomy as well but have that look of inspiration on it.

The meaning of this art piece is that the clouds are overlooking a city not allowing the city to be happy. The city is a well built city with a lot of neat architecture but the clouds are making it so it can't be happy.

I used the image of the city because it makes it look built up but gloomy because of the clouds. I made the Views in color so that it would pop out to the audience. I made sure that the song titles were easy to read and understand.



My inspiration for the architecture website was looking through other websites that were similar. They were all calm and showed their work.

The meaning of this piece was to try and get the audience to want to buy a house or architecture from the buyer. I wanted to make it calm and make sure that the audience wouldn't be overwhelmed with the information.

I used the pictures of architecture because it is shows the work that this company did. I also included the news portion because it shows that the architecture firm has a good relationship with their costumers.


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