Applied Web NY Putting the web to work in New York’s public sphere

If you are a professional in New York's public sphere and the web is an essential part of your workday, then Applied Web NY is your portal to what you need to know — and what you need to do — on the web.

Our Mission

At Applied Web NY, we believe the web is the greatest productivity, collaboration, and communication tool ever invented, and it is our mission to put that tool to work for professionals in New York State's public sphere.

Does this apply to you?

New York state public policy impacts my organization, my profession, my field of study, or the people I serve.

Does this apply to you?

I am concerned about how the web can improve access to information and create greater transparency, accountability, and civic engagement, especially in the state of New York.

Does this apply to you?

My effectiveness depends on knowing what is happening in New York state public affairs, and I need to monitor a variety of websites to assist me.

Does this apply to you?

I need to use the web to share information that is relevant to the public, the media, government officials, or advocates in New York.

Does this apply to you?

In order to maximize my productivity and efficiency, I am interested in improving my workflow by leveraging the power of the web.

Visit Applied Web NY to get the information you need

Find out what’s happening in New York with member-posted bulletins, plus Applied Web NY’s own monitoring of the news media, state government websites, and more, all conveniently organized into channels.
Get New York state’s top news, editorials, and events, plus the New York Chatter Twitter stream featuring NY media, politicians, and other noteworthy public figures.
Get the latest news and tips that you can use to manage and take action on data and information efficiently and effectively.

Join Applied Web NY to share and manage information

Share your news, press releases, announcements, and more on one or multiple channels of the bulletin server.
Customize your own startpage with information and web tools professionals in New York’s public sphere need.
Get important notifications, the {AW:NY} ePremium newsletter, and connect with professionals in New York's public sphere.

An Applied Web NY basic membership is free and available by invitation to elected officials, employees, volunteers, and students in government, associations, charities, political groups, and the media throughout New York state.

Are you already an Applied Web NY member? You can send invitations to join to your colleagues!

Applied Web NY, Inc. is a public benefit corporation organized under Article Seventeen of the New York Business Corporation Law.

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