Black Rhonoceros By: Andrew Walther

The Diceros Bicornis also known as the Back Rhino needs our help.

Poaching began in the 70's for their horns
After only 32 years...

The Black Rhinoceros population had been cut back by 96 percent.

A whole entire animal gone, simply for two horns. Nothing else.

(Brown:Prexisting Population)( Pink; Reintroduced )(Orange: may be extinct)(Black:Extinct)
Habitat loss has had a minuscule affect on the Black Rhino population with poaching accounting for nearly all of it. The main reason for this is because of China's demand for their horns. Legend says that the horns have healing properties in them. However this has never been proved to be true. Because of the rumored healing properties, there are only 5,000 left.

Despite an Increase in poaching since the 1990's, the population has been increasing. This is due to an increased effort to move the remaining Black Rhinos to protected habitats.

Black Rhinos are typically inactive during the hottest part of the day. A few hours before sun down they wake or leave their mud pools and graze. The only time they move is to find more food or to go to a new water hole.

Rhinos have a relatively low impact on their environment. This is due to their primary feeding of only grass and small shrubs as opposed to eating more slow growing plants like trees.

Saving Black Rhinos

Since the 90's huge efforts have been made to revive the Black Rhino population. One way that they save these Rhinos is by temporarily sedate the animal and then cary the Black Rhino by helicopter to a reserve.


Created with images by JULIAN MASON - "Black Rhino - Masai Mara National Reserve, Kenya. 04.08.2008" • Annunako - "rhinoceros animal mammal" • USFWS Mountain Prairie - "Illegal Wildlife Property" • m01229 - "Pheasant hunting"

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