My Gallery Experience by nury herrera

During the week of spring break I took the time out and went to a few art Gallery's. Most of the ones I went to were located in Ogden because that's where I was at the time. Also, I visited with my boyfriend which made my experience more enjoyable. I got to discuss the paintings with him and one of the artist who happened to be in the gallery.

This first stop we made was at the union station and all the painting there were by Kindra Fehr. It seemed to me she had a theme of letting go/holding on and she depicted this by using balloons in almost all paintings. There was also paper airplanes as kinetic art which added to the theme. Little lap made with oil was not part of the main theme but it was my favorite because it gave me a home like feeling. I noticed that a triangular composition would take place in almost all paintings as well gathering my attention typically to the center.

Union station art by Kindra Fehr

We stayed on the same route near downtown Ogden and we entered this "gallery" called Pandemonium art. It had mostly drawing and was small but nonetheless it was still a gallery. The art work was done by various artist and almost all were abstract. Opposite of realistic from the union station but very intriguing. The rose along with some others caught my eye because the artist took something we saw as beautiful and turned it into a human body part with flesh and blood.

Pandemonium gallery; various artist

Lastly we went to a gallery called "Gallery 25". As we first walked in all we could see was paintings of landscapes. While we were looking around a man working in on art comes on over and talks to us about HIS art work. He said that hes influenced by the beauty of the outside and he just loves nature. Most of his paintings are based on photos so he can really capture it all. Photos that he himself gathers or his brother in law whom he spends most time with. The details gathered in these are so small but crucial. The highlighting and contrast really brings out the natural sunlight. I can see different tones but the same color scheme of the sky and it brings out a realist feeling to me as if I was there underneath the sky.

Gallery 25

Although abstract, realistic, and others are my favorite, I still enjoy the classical paintings and sculptures. The first one here below seems like just portrait of a mother and two daughters. Which is not wrong but theirs more than meets the eye. The mother actually has two different colored eyes one for each daughter. There's a triangular composition that draws attention to the center where a necklace that signifies life. Theres so many symbols in this photo such as; the white worn which stands for purity, Dead flowers in the back, a warrior sword, and the expressions.

The Springville Museum of Art

In conclusion I enjoy discovering new art gallery's and exploring them to widen my perspectives and understandings on art work. This is only the beginning of my experience with art but I'm glad I have the opportunity to start now. Learning about the famous art works that make our worlds history makes me appreciate it maybe more than those who don't understand fully. These gallery's along with a few other will definitely not be my last experiences.

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