Ahmed Alhadri- POL 598

Migration and its Positivity

Immigration has been an international controversial issue especially in the last few decades. In fact, immigration has many positive and negative eefects on any country experiences it. One of the positive and significant effects of migration is the activation of the national economies of countries that undergoing huge migration.

Indeed, i believed that immigration can be more negative than it is positive. Conversely, I currently know that one of the reasons that led the western nations to have robust economies is migration. For instance, the United States, is one of the most countries that has undergone huge migration especially since 1000s. To illustrate, immigrants to the United States brought a tremendous economic transformation to the country. Usually immigrant come to the United States to have a better life situation. Thus, they try their best to gain more advanced skills and education, which led Americans to even advance themselves to find their place in the lanor force. However, that actually ended up a competition the national market, which led the U.S labor force to be more advanced than other advanced countries like in Europe. Moreover, that also led to have more skilled workers in the U.S labor force, which led it to be the most professional labor force in the world and gained the U.S a dominant economy.

Another evidence of positivity of migration is Saudi Arabian modern policy toward immigration. The Saudi Arabian government took some steps to change their policy toward immigration because it is one of the ways that will lead to the 2030 plan, which is to make oil the second economic resource of the country. After we experienced and economic deficit that resulted from the drop of the oil prices, we realized that depending on oil would not be positive for our future. One of the first step that the Saudi government took is establishing a Green Card policy. During the past period, foreigner who are living in Saudi Arabia spend their money in their home countries or outside of Saudi Arabia in general because they will not have interests of spending their money in our country under the old system. Currently, we established the Green Card policy to give them a permanent residence in order to lead them to spend their money in Saudi Arabia instead of spending them outside. That will contribute greatly in improving the Saudi GDP, and it is also beneficial for other countries GNP.

In fact, that encourages me to plan my work with the Saudi Arabian government to offer them my opinion of how to greatly benefit from talented foreigners in our nation. However, that changed my mind toward foreigners, and I immensely appreciate them. I abandoned the idea of basing my opinion about others based on their documents. We are all human and blead the same blood.

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