Top Five Apps And wHy I use them

#5 Spotify

Spotify is the music app that I use on my iPhone. Spotify is my favorite music app because with Spotify Premium I can download and listen to any song that I want to with no restriction.

#4 Instagram

Instagram is one of the apps that I use most. This app helps me stay connected with friends that move away, far away relatives, and friend that live nearby. Instagram is a social media app that lets you scroll through friends posts and comment and like their post.

#3 Twitter

Twitter is another social media app. Except for in twitter instead of only posting photos, you can post words by themselves. Twitter is a really effective way for me to see what my friends are doing or it is a good way to know someone's political views in the past couple months.

#2 Snapchat

Snapchat is one of today's most used teen app. I really like Snapchat myself because it is the fasted way to show people where you are and to talk to them.

#1 Clash Royale

Clash is definitely my favorite app of all time. I love this app so much becuase it takes a lot of strategy and skill. Another factor that I love about the game is that you have a chance to get cards which you make decks to battle.


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